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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Slice of Life

"Isn't it wonderful to be exactly who you are? When you learn to start accepting yourself, you'll become a shining star."
Great To Be Different - Forest Rain feat. Decibelle

My, my, my. What have I done.

I wouldn't say I've been letting the clock tick time away in the past four months. I mean, I know what you're thinking. Daniel! Where the hell have you been!? Truth be told, I've been dead busy. Heck, I'm writing this now because there is no Internet on the bus to campus!

As you can see from my social media streams, I've become this monster who gets so angry over the little things. Simple derps like the ATM being out of order or a menu item not being served in a restaurant can ruin my mood. Thankfully, I still have friends and Facebook to keep me company and help me make it through the day.

Mornings have become a chore again. While I was interning with Malaysiakini from January till March, the work hours were the best damn thing since my second semester, but it took its toll as the industry raped me of my liberty and time. Needless to say, all that I had left just slipped through my fingers. I spent my hours polishing my podcast, wrestling with my faulty laptop and working on The MBS Show. Now that I'm back in university, things just keep getting worse. There's a thin line between real-world training and plain lousy customer service. In this case, however, it is clearly the latter.

I got digitally locked out of Taylor's today because of problems with the payment system. It seems like capitalism is hard-wired into their system. As soon as the clock hit 9.30, I was pretty much suspended. My WiFi dropped, my student portal stopped working and my computer lab accounts were locked. The best part is, my folks have already wired the dough before the due date. The bank balance and statement says so. All it took was one hiccup in the line to throw everything off.

Now I really don't know what Taylor's expects me to be. An engineer? A technician or what I really can't figure, but I can't be any of the above. Why? Because I'm not in that league. I'm not equipped with a brain for such endeavors. Even though I tinker with computers for a hobby and I do quite understand the nature of online transactions. Heck, I've been cheated online before. It's not the first time I have run into a mess with online transactions.

Even PayPal and AliPay can offer me better protection on tiny transactions as low as $1. Their escrow system is so strong and robust that it would take a demigod to break it. Why can't...

...oh wait. It's FPX. The local bullcrap payment system. It's part of the reason why we will never advance. Taylor's and FPX are a match made in heaven. Get paid and then blame the user. That's what I believe to be Taylor's second tagline - it's always your fault.

Alright. That's out. Damn it feels good to be back on the blog. It's like a splash of cold water to the brain.

Anyhoo, to help sharpen my digital art skills, surprise surprise! I'll be taking commissions on deviantArt (yes. I have a deviantArt account.) If you know what Ambigrams are, that's the only kind of art that I do other than basic logo design. If you want me to try to Ambigram your name, drop me a note!

An ambigram is basically a form of typographical art where a word when inverted either in a mirror or upside down, forms the same word or another word. Example below.

I'm just a beginner at this, but if you're interested in having your name ambigrammed, hit me up with a note on deviantArt, just head on over to my profile here:

With that, I shall get back to work. Till next time!


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