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Monday, 31 December 2012

The Beginning

"Arrow holes, they never close from Cupid on a shooting spree"
Battle Scars - Lupe Fiasco feat. Guy Sebastian

Where have I been? I'll tell you where I've been. Cracking my skull at home. The stress levels for December have become unbearable.

Dear Princess Celestia,

2012 has been a mess. there are so many things that I started and never finished. However, that does have a positive side. I know I have a tendency to not finish things. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you know you're that kind of person who doesn't complete everything that they start, the idea I have is to start a truckload of projects. eventually, the effort will be worth the experience and I even get something done eventually! turned five years old on the 27th of November this year. There was an update but time just got a hold of me and I couldn't drop an update. I just put my mind to getting one last post up for 2012 before I leave this year behind. My workaholic side kicked in right after my finals and I have been working on the LiNES server that crashed on the week of my finals. Things were har and it was an uphill struggle, but it was surely worth it.

LiNES hasn't been adopted well. The listener count is low and my glorious university has been pushing it to the side for years. I have no idea why I'm so motivated to keep it running.

I missed my alarm on Thursday morning and missed my final exam. It was a terrible feeling that hooked me in the balls all month. I've been trying to get over it, but i fear that if I do I might seem like the douchebag whom can't learn from his mistakes. I'm not a morning person, but then again it is entirely my fault that I didn't wake up for this. After frowning at people who walk into the exam hall late before, I can finally understand what it feels like to be in their shoes.

Anyway, I best be off. I'm spending New Year's on the swing with my dad.

Your loyal subject,
St. Pinkie

If you're celebrating alone, then celebrate with me on the LiNES Podcast! Download the New Year's Eve episode here: and play it at exactly 11:45pm to countdown with me!


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