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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Where's The Balloon Party?

"And in your eyes I see reflections of the good in me. We need both the sun and the storm to grow to our best and strongest form."
The Moonlit Garden - Scarlett Peace

Dear Princess Celestia.

Its been a crazy semester at University and I am so glad that it's over for a while. Life as been one big mess for weeks. If you received my last letter, I think you'll know why. Let's just put it like this. Doing something you hate within the field of something you love defeats the purpose. I love a lot of what I do and I put my heart and soul into it. It'll be a shame if it all goes to waste, no?

I've seen the Canterlot library and I must say, I'm fascinated. The books and scrolls that pile up leave me in awe. It's such a pity that we haven't discovered magic here in this realm. It would probably be my first choice to study.

Surveying friendship here is a mystery. Of late I've seen things, terrible things. When two ponies disagree it can be quite catastrophic. Heck, nations have gone to war over trivial matters. Looking at what happened, I feel bad for Queen Chrysalis. She could have done a better job and saved a lot of trouble, but I think power got the better of her. Needless to say, your sister was like that too once. All it took was a little trouble to ask. I'm sure some diversity with changelings wouldn't be a problem and if it becomes one, a little intervention would prove to be the right way out.

I frankly don't like talking politics. I'm easily disgusted at how the system here works, but I'll be honest. I don't take too kindly to the system of a monarchy either. However, you do a damn good job of taking care or Equestria and keeping everything in the delicate equilibrium that should exist. Furthermore, you've been at it for more than a thousand years! This world would kill for a leader of your caliber and responsibility but until we can find a candidate who can even come close, the number of people who would give up everything to live in Equestria will continue to rise by the day. I know of some who have even contemplated suicide with hope that your glorious kingdom and what lies beyond it would be what awaits them.

Equestria may not be perfect, but it's close. It is much closer than anything we can get here. Thank goodness we don't have to wrap up winter. Even when small community projects take place, one cannot shake the feeling that they're either going to get robbed or conned somewhere along the line. Just imagine the chaos of a full-on town-wide winter wrap up where we have good and bad people among each other, some hell bent on causing chaos. It only takes one grain of rice to tip the scale. Unless we can shove our personal, profit seeking instincts aside and focus on a greater good for everypony, it's hard for things to work out.

Of late you've probably heard of the numerous conventions around that have gathered people like me together to talk pony. There are just so many of us all over the place and everytime an event like that happens, it's sold out. Those who are fortunate enough to make it make the best of it while the rest sit and watch at the other end of a video stream, cheering everyone else on. It's what dreams are made of, and it's where dreams come true.

Our worlds are so different, dear Princess. If you spent just a day here you'll know what I mean. I'm sure you watch over all your subjects with utmost care and we salute you for it. For all that it's worth you are my personal inspiration. A powerful yet loving leader who puts her people before herself and doesn't even let the gut wrenching though of banishing your own sister get in the way of your ultimate responsibility. That said, I am proud to be one of your loyal subjects.

And I know. I really should write to you more.


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