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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Moving At The Speed Of Light

"It doesn't really matter What they thought of you before. By the time that I am done, nopony will ignore. You, little you, now a great big superstar, Stick with me baby, and I'll make you go far"
Picture Perfect Pony - Mandopony

And it's April, almost 1 month since my last update and way more than a month since my last REAL blog post. Time sure flew fast.

I'm back in University and I couldn't be happier. Taylor's never looked better than this. 5 months of holidays have come to a pretty unfruitful end. There wasn't much direction, and just like all the projects I run during my semester breaks, all of them get me all hopeful and suddenly fall like they were made of salt and splashed with water.

I can't count the amount of projects I have shelved. Other than some really select few like the LINES podcast (which I have been really, really busy with), nothing else has made it past the drawing board.

We got our first assignment on day 1 and it was the same old drill: give our lecturer a 1-2 page biodata of ourselves so that she can gauge our writing skill. It seems to be the same with all the lecturers who teach something to do with writing. It's probably one of those things that gets passed around all those seminars that lecturers attend. After all, who wouldn't want to gauge their students' writing ability while at the same time get to know them better?

One thing I have noticed is that my biodata never seems to stay consistent. I honestly do not think that I have a split personality. It might just be how I present myself to others. It only hit me recently after nights spent on 9gag instead of doing profitable stuff that I don't have as much talent as I think I had. It's pretty damn discouraging but at least I got it from a source that's like a friendly version of the real world.

I'll say it again. Time flies. Time. Freaking. Flies. No matter what I do to hold on to my memories, they will always drift away from me and eventually disappear into this repository at the back of my head where they only get invoked when something gets me going. It's basic psychology. All our memories are stored in our subconscious, only to be revived when absolutely invoked by a direct stimulus. It's the basis of phobia and philia, though I wish it wasn't.

And I wish I knew what to call this month. The laptop is under repair so I can't access my design powerhouse. Being away from my fonts and design settings really makes using the same software on another computer feel really alien. As for now, I'll just go with April - The Month of Fun.


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