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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


"You've got opportunity in this very community!"
The Flim Flam Brothers' Song (Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000) - Daniel Ingram

You probably already know that I'm a sucker for cheap stuff. The good news about this? Imma let you in on how I get some of my stuff. Some of you have even seen it before - the super-giant balloons I use for my decorating job, my awesome red snuggie blanket I use in the Taylor's library, the HTC phone I got before it hit the market and a few more cool things.

I'll be honest. The prices of all that are way lower than you think (well, maybe except for the balloons, since that's part of my weekend job). Sometimes it pays to bypass the middleman in transactions, but what if I told you the middleman in this case was the one that slashed the price so low that even the cheapest of China-made alternatives can't compare?

You better believe it.

Meet SOLD.MY, the auction site with amazingly low prices.

I know what you're thinking. This is too good to be true huh? Well these things come cheap, but they don't come as easy as you think. However, nobody said that they're not gonna help you! *ahem* That's what I'm here for!'s Guide to SOLD.MY

Step 1: Register

No this isn't an anonymous site (duh). They gots to know who wins and where to send your stuff! And yes, you have to be 18 and above to use SOLD.MY. So head on down there by clicking here!

Step 2: Grab some tokens

Hold it. You're probably like: Wait. What tokens!? Simple. Each time you slam a bid into the system, it will cost you one token. Ever played at a funfair? Same concept.

Tokens go at RM1.50 each. You can purchase tokens via the website and any payment gateway of your selection. Even if you don't have a credit card, you can use services like Hong Leong Connect, or RHBNow to get your bids and also to pay for your loot when you win.

Step 3: Find your item

There are about 20 or more items simultaneously going on sale at Sold.My, so you're gonna need to focus. I personally had the same experience: the "WAH EVERYTHING SO CHEAP!" mindset that led to

No. Stop! You can't have them all! (You got to give people like me the chance to win too!)

The site's not lying. The things there are real. They've sold a ton of cool stuff from Sennheiser headphones and Jawbone speakers to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Blackberry phones. Admit it. There's definitely something you want right there!

So I strongly suggest you set your aim on ONE item. Just one. Look around and see something small, or if you want to turn down the heat, look out for these:

Notice the little "L"s that look like the plate that was on the Kancil you took your driving test in? That's what it stands for too: Learner. These auctions are restricted only to those who are yet to win an auction, meaning that it's a good place to start!

Something caught your eye? Good. Let's move on!

Step 4: Set your timer

If your smartphone doesn't already have an app for timing stuff, it's about time you get one. There's FinalCountdown for Android (which I personally like),  Timer+ for iOS and definitely a timer app for whatever phone you use, even the older Java phones. However, if you're the type with a phone whose battery needs charging more than you need the toilet, then you should snag a small pocket timer. They cost about RM5 to RM10 and can be bought in dollar shops everywhere. I have one on my set of car keys:

But wait! If you're on the PC, don't go all over the internet looking for a timer app. Chances are that it'll probably be infected and buggy. Instead, try this! Take a look at your auction and note the timer:

So the auction ends in about 36 minutes. Now switch to your favourite media player (or use Windows Media Player if you don't have one) and snap together a playlist.

Note how long the playlist runs for and try to match it to the timer. Then delete your SHORTEST song off the playlist. This gives you a moment to prepare for the auction. Don't forget to switch off your Repeat and/or Shuffle All setting!

With this, you'll know when to switch your browser to the auction page. As soon as the music stops, it's time to get serious.

And now, the real fun begins!

Here's how the site works. Every bid steps the price of the item in question up by 15sen. When the timer reaches zero, the highest bidder takes home the goodie for the winning price. However, you should know that besides bumping the price of the item up by 15 sen, each bid also adds 20 seconds to the timer.

My friends, you are about to see how valuable 20 seconds really are.

To get my experience in this, I was lucky enough to be in for an exclusive media-only event for bloggers and writers on the last day of February (the 29th, folks. It's a leap year). SOLD.MY had a lovely little dinner all planned out for us at Gecko Bar, PJ Trade Centre.

For me it was a real treat. I had no idea what I signed up for until I got there.

The launch of the event was really cute. What better way to launch a media event for an auction site than with a giant hammer?

And this isn't any cheap pasar-malam inflatable hammer. This is the real deal!

The two lovely ladies to the right are Angeline Tham and Tian Qiuyan, the co-founders of SOLD.MY and SOLD.SG, the Singaporean counterpart to SOLD.MY. SOLD.MY was created in November 2011, a little over a year after the success of SOLD.SG.

They gave us a LIVE demonstration of how the whole system works by getting bloggers to bid on the spot on a demo auction.

You'll be amazed at how fast these people are with the mouse. There's a good side to playing fast-action video games, you know.


Of course, there was a lovely dinner waiting for us to replenish all the nervous energy that built up while watching the timer dance around the final 20 seconds.

And that's where I learned all about how the awesome system works. To perk things up for us who were there, they even gave us 50 tokens on the house and 10 specific MEDIA ONLY auctions to play with. Ready to hear how to do it? Here are some tips from me as to how I play my cards on SOLD.MY.


I'm a hipster and I'm proud to be one. So you'll typically know that I would go for the weirdest of things or sometimes, the most unusual of stuff. You can probably tell, people would pile up on the big end items (like phones and laptops). So keep out of the heat and play for smaller auctions. Trust me you stand a better chance!


Go for the learner auctions I told you about earlier. The heat is a little lower there and will be a great place to start too!


Here's the tricky bit. There's a little feature called the auto bidder that will (literally) do your bidding for you.

Basically it works like this. It will kick in when the price of the auction reaches the minimum price you set and continue to deploy as many bids as you allocate or until the auction breaches the upper limit of the price you set.

HOWEVER, if more than one person uses it, it will kick in simultaneously and the auction price and timer will spring all the way to what the auction would look like if all the bids are used. The Auto bidder will bid at random in the final 10 seconds of the auction so be ready!

The Auto-bidder is great if you have to take a moment off your computer for anything from a toilet trip to a night out with friends. Think of it as an autopilot for SOLD.MY.


Yes, but don't tear him/her to shreds! This is just so that you can get ahead of the game.

Be aware of how the other players are bidding. If you see a few people persistently outbidding each other, don't go and join in the brawl! Take a step back and let them fight it out before you step in and take your place in the ring.

Also, note that the Auto-bidder can also be very persistent. Don't fight the auto-bidder with your auto-bidder because you will never know how the person on the other end set his/hers. Remember that automatic bids kick in RANDOMLY somewhere in the final 10 seconds of an auction so if you see the price NOT going up as the time reaches the final seconds, it's about time to slam in your bid!

Finally, enjoy the adrenaline rush when you get into the final 10 seconds of an auction...

...and the explosion of joy when you get this screen:

Trust me on this, you would never have known your heart could beat that fast.

So step into the world of SOLD.MY here and start your new awesome shopping experience.

Lastly, a great big Thank You to Advertlets and SOLD.MY for having me over to get a taste of something different from my usual eBay life.



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