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Thursday, 2 February 2012

You've Gone Big, Now Go Home -Part Two- The Energy Beneath

Witness, I got the heart of 20 men. No fear, go to sleep in the lion's den. That flow, that spark, that crown, you looking at the king of the jungle now."
Good Feelin' - Flo Rida

So I hope some of you picked you your cameras and got to work on that photography competition!

I threw in my little bit. I suck in photography and all but there are some things that can survive my hand. I took about 300 shots with my DSLR to get something like this:

Maybe you can take a better shot than me (if you can, you should enter the competition! It is still open!), but all I have is this and the very reason I submitted this picture is simple, It made me reimagine energy.

I grew up in a fantasy world of my own. My head was always high up in the clouds and it would usually take a lot to bring me back down to earth. I believed that lion dances were actually done by creatures like those. I believed in these creatures which perform extreme acrobatic stunts to the sound of drums.

Even after a few years and a few cheaper lion dance shows where I actually saw the people inside who were operating the lion, I still didn't lose faith in the lion that I once knew. The truth was hard to accept and follow but now, almost 17 years after seeing my first lion dance, it's become clear to me.

People who do lion dances make me think about how they unite under the skin of the costume to put on a show. It's almost like 2 people becoming one with the costume and focusing its energy on the dance. Just like how Petronas reimagines energy, I see things in a whole new way today and how sometimes it's better to take a step back to see the full glory of something.

And with that, it's FEBRUARY! I hope you like the new header!


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