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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nopony Can Be Uncheered With A Balloon!

"You're like a shot of pure gold, I think I'm about to explode. I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air. Now I'm breathing like I'm running cause you're taking me there. Don't you know? You spin me out of control!"
Jessie J - Domino

So yes, Valentine's day was last week. What did you do?

I decided to spend it watching ponies in HD. It was pretty mufch the best thing to do considering that I'm single and all. That was until I found out that I wasn't the only kid in town who had that agenda. So to make things a whole lot better, we decided to do what we wanted to do all along, together!

Dear Princess Celestia,
While some among us have a very special somepony, some of us, well, don't. But no matter what happens, we will always have our friends by our side through thick and thin. Sometimes spending quality time with our friends is better than just sulking about being alone.
How was your Hearts and Hooves day? I'm sure you especially cherished raising the sun for your beloved subjects as you watched them show how much they appreciate each other. My friends and I just met up at Sugarcube Hill to hang out and have fun. We were late as ever as it was our first time going there, so we got lost on the way.
Dinner was simple and delicious. We did not order food, instead Pinkie arranged for some yummy home cooked food to be served. It was lovely. 
Oh yes, I did learn something too! It is true that sometimes we tend to miss what is right under our nose. I find myself thinking that I'm all alone in this world that I tend to forget that I have wonderful friends all around me.
Pinkie and I thought of having this Hearts and Hooves dinner just about a couple of days before it actually happened. Some of the friends who we invited couldn't make it on such notice, but we still went on with the party. We even had a couple of friends pop by because they were around the area. They were a little lost but despite being in a rush to get home and finish some work, they took the trouble to come and spend a little time with us.
As for me, I decided to throw in a little bit of fun into the night by bringing some heart-shaped balloons from Sugarcube Cloudsdale. Everypony went home with a balloon to remind them about how lovely the night was.
I don't have much to say about calling this event a success or a failure. All that actually mattered on a night like that was that everypony went home with a big smile on their faces, just like how Pinkie Pie would want them to and surely no matter how much stress we went through getting lost on the way and all, we all went home with something more and that was a much closer herd of friends.
Your loyal subject,St. Pinkie

Note to my readers: Ok. Maybe you find it a little cheesy that I'm writing to Princess Celestia about life and all, but then again I do this for a reason. I don't leave my seat after every episode of My Little Pony empty handed. I always learn something new and most of the time, it's about friendship.

Friendship makes the world go round. There is much to learn about it as well. Some of us think we know what it's like to have friends and even worse, a lot of people are stuck up in the myth of having 4 figures of friends on Facebook. The truth is that every adventure we have with our friends serves to do something to the bonds we have. Mind you, they don't always strengthen them. Sometimes knowing each other a little better can make you drift apart but when you have true friends, you won't be afraid of being honest while your friends will listen to you because they know for sure that you have their best interests at heart.


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