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Monday, 20 February 2012

Brighter Than The Sun

"It’s true, some days are dark and lonely and maybe you feel sad, but Pinkie will be there to show you that it isn’t that bad! There’s one thing that makes me happy, and makes my whole life worthwhile."
Smile, Smile, Smile! - Pinkie Pie Daniel Ingram

I'm back with my super-ponified life! Have a Friendship report!

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today was an especially special one. I learned that the magic of friendship transcends even our age and gender. Never before have I and my friends been invited to parties where little fillies and colts had fun. Usually by norm they think it’s awkward, but true friends are willing enough to be there for you no matter how awkward he situation is.

My job was simple. I got to Sugarcube Hill a little earlier. Pinkie and I helped each other to blow balloons up for the party. Our cutie marks really do represent our talents because ponies have told me that I may have a talent that I don’t like, but what sets a cutie mark apart from just a talent is that cutie marks represent what we love. I’m sure you love raising the sun for everypony just as much as Pinkie and I love balloons.

When the clock reached 7, most of the fillies and colts started to arrive, many of them were anxious to meet our friends who arrived a little later. As the place filled up, an entertainer arrived to help keep the colts and fillies entertained. Although Pinkie Pie is great with foals, she could always use a little hand  when there are many of them around.

The birthday filly looks up to Rarity as her inspiration. So because of that, Pinkie ordered
a cake that looks exactly like Ponyville’s resident fashionista.

The cake was delicious and I cannot lie, it was hard to cut a cake so beautiful.

 Of course, a fair share of our friends shared with us the talents that they had. Just as how the cutie marks of Pinkie and I were reflected in the balloons all around, some ponies shared with us their ability to draw and they do it really quickly too! There was another pony who could make videos too! He showed us how he took extra caution in every step of the way to make something beautiful. He is known by many other ponies as the one behind this masterpiece: link

Another thing i learned today, Princess, is that when your friends are better at you in something, it doesn’t mean that they outshine you. If we all glowed in the same colour, it would look boring, but when we all glow in our true colours we become even more pretty than a rainbow.

The magic of friendship really showed in the meetup. The elements of harmony are not just locked up in Canterlot Tower. Wherever there are true friends, there the elements will be. All of us were so reluctant to leave that Mrs. Cake had to ask us to while she closed up. Pinkie also didn’t want to see us go.

Before we left, Pinkie wanted us to take home a little something that reminded us of the night. She brought out a box of vanilla cookies that were pony shaped and gave one to each of us. We all went home with something more that night. Everypony had a little more friendship in their hearts that kept us smiling all week and that, for sure, filled Pinkie Pie’s heart with joy and sunshine!

Your loyal subject,
St. Pinkie

So no you all know what I'm up to these days. I'll update more soon! No worries!


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