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Friday, 20 January 2012

You've Gone Big, Now Go Home -Part One- Reimagining Energy™

"Ever since I was boy I swore to the Gods above I would rise above the adversity and show em love."
Been Dreamin' - Mike the Microphone

The phrase "Go Big or Go Home" was pretty popular around the internet during my early teenage years and I am quite sure it kinda still is.

I believe that a lot of us are trying to go big. We're all trying to live the dream. Some of us are already there while some of us are trailing behind. Nonetheless we are all trying to attain the dream.

I've talked enough about dreams in my life and no, these aren't the dreams that Leonardo diCaprio can enter and turn upside-down. I'm talking about things that you wanna do and who you want to become.

So if you're not already aware, Chinese New Year is right around the bend. It's gonna be the year of the Golden Dragon very soon. You can usually see the signs: Shops are extending their opening hours, banknotes are being exchanged for new ones in the financial institutions, mandarin orange seeds are being launched out my car window as I drive and many more. The hustle and bustle is crazy.

But come Monday, which is the first day of the new year, this town is gonna be dead. You can plank on the road during rush hour and there won't even be a motorcycle in sight. You'll most likely be at home with your family - the people who love you mutually.

By now you may be packing your bags and gearing up for the weekend. Chances are you've set course for home. Your story may be different but I've mentioned it before. We all have different ways of describing home. Home isn't necessary the house where you eat and sleep and become mayor of on FourSquare. Home can be anywhere.

To me, home is where love is. Home is where the people whom I love the most are. For me, that would be my family. I call Malaysia my home because I [sincerely] a proud to be Malaysian. I've changed from my old self.

This Chinese new year, a special message comes from a party that is most likely the one that takes you home. The company that gives life to the automotive that will carry you to wherever you call home. This video is touching to say the least. It's a great clip to show your overseas friends, especially Malaysians.

Datuk Mohammad Medan Abdullah, the Senior General Manager of the Group Corporate Affairs Division of Petronas gave us the explanation of the message behind the Television Commercial (TVC). Honestly, I can always relate to Petronas commercials. I've been a Petronas customer all my life especially after the launch of PriMAX95 Xtra.

I'm infamous in my family for running the petrol tank in the family car to rock bottom. I can't seem to do that anymore with PriMAX95 Xtra. Seriously, the mileage is so much better.

This year, Petronas wants to wish you a happy Chinese New Year in more ways than one. In the true spirit of Reimagining Energy™, it's time to disseminate our diligent side and put in more effort into going home to our family. Malaysians are a unique bunch. We want to advance and see the future while staying true to our roots and that's what we're famous for and this is not only for those who celebrate. It's a public holiday and most schools take an entire week off. The national spirit of togetherness that surrounds us is manifested at the dinner table at the family reunion that happens once a year.

Yes. Especially during the Loh Sang.

In reality I might just be a little too ambitious. Not all of us may have this habit, but there's one thing I know for sure - that sometimes in life, all we need is a little push -a little reminder.

I almost flipped when an invitation to a press conference arrived in my mailbox. It's not every day when I get something like that and for me, this was something really different. It wasn't a corporate product launch or some wild publicity stunt. It was a message that was close to my heart.

They even had a really unique lion dance. When was the last time you saw a lion dance that moved over 3 stories in a shopping complex?

Plus, notice the kompangs on the ground. This was a really interesting addition - A lion dance with both traditional Chinese AND Malay instrumental backing. It's just another way of Petronas showing their spirit of Reimagining Energy™.

Being a company that stood strong since establishment in 1974, Petronas is a body that reflects the spirit of resilience that lies in our hearts - the spirit to excel in whatever we do.

My home is here in SS2, where I grew up. It's only after this when I began to see the true spirit in this town - the energy that brings it to life 24 hours a day. I truly understand how Reimagining Energy™ can bring us to the future while letting us stay true to our traditions.

It's now your turn to capture this spirit. While I sit here and write, you're most likely better in pointing and shooting. Don't lie, your phone has a camera which you use for every other thing.

Petronas in partnership with Leica have RM2000 up for grabs for whoever can capture the spirit of Reimagining Energy™ in a photo and yes, everyone can enter: Amateurs, Professionals, students and even Petronas staff!

So what's your excuse for not sending something? Go out and anywhere, anytime you see something that reflects this spirit, just point and shoot.

Submit your photos here: After submission your photo will be queued for submission approval. When approved, you have 3 days to send the high-resolution picture to

Happy Chinese New Year y'all!


Credits to Petronas for giving me this experience and reminding me of what's important - home :)

Reimagining Energy™ is a registered trademark of Petroliam Nasional Berhad.

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