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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Magic Makes It All Complete

"Hands on our bodies gonna keep our skills warm. We need social reform 'cause we're just so criminal. Linguist subliminal, damages minimal "
20 Percent Cooler - Ken Ashcorp

Dear Princess Celestia,
Happy New Year! 2011 must have been a crazy year! Your sister's homecoming and Discord breaking loose certainly made it a year to remember!

We gathered on New Year's Eve on the roof of a Treebrary in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. We had a magnificent aerial view of the city and could see fireworks as far as Putroughjaya.

At about 7pm I arrived at the Treebrary to help set up. While waiting for the rest, three of us played Mahjong. By about 9 most of us had arrived, and we decided to go to the mamak coffeeshop nearby.

Once we made it back to the Treebrary, we took a vote of what to do. It was a split between a drinking game and decorating. We started pouring drinks and soon enough, it was 5 minutes to midnight. All of us, including the non-bronies in the house, gathered on the balcony to witness fireworks deployed all across Kuala Lumpur. Sone started a little too early, some went off a little late. The fireworks were so beautiful that they could rival Trixie's crowdpleasing magic shows.

Right after the fireworks died down, all of us prepared to launch our wishing balloons into the sky. One by one the colorful balloons, each with our favorite pony drawn on them by Vincent Fang, took to the clouds. All were launched successfully except for Twilight's balloon which didn't make it past the balcony.

Rainbow Dash


Pinkie Pie (and the artist who drew all of them on the balloons!)

Surprise (Mine!)

For the rest of the night all of us just hung around and talked. We shared what we did and toasted to a great 2011 full of ponies. At 2:30, half of the group left and we turned in for the night.

Later that morning after the party, Azman and I decided, it isn't a brony meetup...

...until we raided Toys R' Us.

Marelaysian Bronies Society 2011 NYE Countdown was one helluva success.

Daniel "Surprise" Anthony [Organizer]
Ian "Twilight Sparkle" Cheah [Host]
Vincent "Pinkie Pie" Fang
Aaron "Berry Punch" Lee
Azman Ariff
Rick Brony [Birthday Boy]
Ng Guang Zhe
(Not Present) Michelle Barbour [Co-Organizer]

Your Loyal Subject,

P.S. I hate writing formatted works. I'm gonna enjoy these holidays...A LOT.

You're not gonna see me this crunked for a long, long time.

Another lil' advertlet

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