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Thursday, 1 December 2011

I Used To Wonder What Friendship Could Be

"Why is everybody so obsessed? Money can't buy us happiness. Can we all slow down and enjoy right now?"
Price Tag - Jessie J

Jeez. I thought Monday being a pubic holiday would lighten things up a bit. Turns out I need Sweetie Belle a dictionary to tell me what the word "holiday" means.

I used to think that my friends love me very much. But as the days have gone by I realized something. Being friends could have been a hindrance. Why? Friends, especially fresh ones, are scared of being blunt with one another. I tend to be quiet about this because of three reasons. The first is because I'm paranoid of losing friends. As I've mentioned before, my 885 friends on Facebook aren't all friends. I don't know a fraction of them, I've met more than half of them only once and the rest are well, acquaintances. Nothing more. The people who matter to me are just a little number that I always remember in my heart.

My second reason would be because I have this notion where I feel hurt when I hurt others. Sounds familiar? If you've read this blog before, you would see that it's part and parcel of who I am. It's something I cannot shake off. It's my soft spot. I can talk cock all day about beating the shit out of some folks, but I never do it.

What's the third reason? It's also something that isn't new. In fact, it was the whole reason why this blog still exists even after my URL got snatched. I believe in acceptance. I believe in accepting people for who they are and who they want to be. We all say the same thing. In fact, we even know what we should do, but we just don't put it into practice.

I have been offended before and most of the time I just shut up. I only have something to lose if I put up a fuss about it so why bother? I may bitch about it a little but that's kinda where it ends. We all need to let off steam.

We tend to fail to see how much tolerance we put into our daily life and that is where the problems begin. When something is bothering you, don't walk away. Instead, confront it. Tell people to the face what you don't like, but don't do that and then plug your ears to what that person says about it. Maybe there is a good reason for your friends is doing that bothers you so much. Once you state your point, it's time to be the listening party.

Yes, you read that word again. Tolerance. Tolerance is a bitch that destroys us. Tolerance is a test of patience and faith that isn't necessary. The difference is almost worlds apart because acceptance and tolerance are opposites of one another. If you are tolerating someone, like I said, your balloon is going to pop soon. There is a limit to both, but acceptance doesn't bottle anything up.

If you've seen me around with the shirt that has this blog's URL printed on it, read what it says and follow it. Trust me, it'll do you a world of good.

If you haven't seen it, it says STOP TOLERATING.

And on the back, it says



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