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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Give A Little More, Take A Little Less

"It may look bad, but I don't see it that way. I see a lot of hope in the words you don't say that you won't tell me, shows me you care."
It's The Thought That Counts - Lobo

This is way later than overdue, but I'm gonna post it up anyway.

In the cloud city of Care-A-Lot, roughly 50,000 feet above sea level, they call it the Giving Festival. There isn't any Santa Claus or reindeer, only the spirit of giving and a visit from Princess Starglo. Starglo is the boss who basically handles all the paperwork and is the higher management for all the wishing stars in the sky. So when all the Care Bears gather in Care Square and it's all lit up, they're having a party that involves a lot of giving and fun. 

A little lower down is a hillside metropolis called Canterlot. Though the names sound the same, this is where ponies from all over the nation of Equestria gather to celebrate their beginnings as a united land. The celebration was given the name of Hearthwarming. Carols are sung and gifts are exchanged in a fiesta of friendship and harmony. Gifts as simple as little favours and hugs count towards the love and friendship that (literally) burns and lights up the night with a lovely pink heart-shaped flame.

Closer to home, in the United States of America, giant balloons and floats parade down the streets in November for Macy's Day Parade. Also known as Thanksgiving, families get together from all around the country, exchange gifts and give thanks for everything they have.

Here, we call it Christmas. It's basically the birthday of Jesus Christ. Religion aside, Christmas was never a celebration that was restricted to Christians. It's commercial, it's intercultural and it's fun.

So the shopping malls put up decorations and everything to usher in the holiday season. In the United Kingdom, it usually snows during this time, rendering it a holiday for many students and anyone who is unable to access the road.

People don't discriminate on whether you're Jewish, Muslim or Christian when it comes to Christmas sales in malls. This is because there's a sense of togetherness in this festive season - a sense of giving.

There are many tales that lead up to why we give during Christmas, but do we really need to hear any of them? While some of us are looking for an excuse to give, some of us need to learn how to give.

I grew up in a Catholic family where giving during Christmas and birthdays became so routine that these times of the year seemed more like a season of receiving. It took me a long time to learn that it's time to give back to the karmic scale.

So this year, let's all celebrate December, the month of Giving. It's never too late to give, so you don't really need an excuse like Christmas to wrap something up for a friend or anyone. Just remember these three things:


Shut up and give. Seriously. So what if it's too late? Are you gonna send your gift back to the shop?


So maybe someone else got your friend something worth 10 times more than what you have up your sleeve. Don't let that discourage you. No matter how big the gift, it is always the heartwarming intent that is behind it that makes the difference. Sometimes, it's best to ignore all that notions of a cheapskate present because really, not all of us have money to throw around.


If you've been receiving all your life, it's time to balance it out. Give a little more, take a little less. Where have you heard that before? Ok, maybe you haven't. It's from the credits song from movie "Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!".

It's been a really awesome year of 2011 that was more wild and crazy than ever. It's one of those years that I would love to relive just to enjoy making all the same mistakes again.

So if I fail to update again by tonight, I'll sign off now to be safe. Have a wonderful new year everybody, and stick around because I'm not going anywhere!


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