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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Fire of Friendship

"From Sweden to UK, we will bring our song. Australia, USA, and you people at Hong Kong They have heard, This made it all around the world."
Caramelldancing - Caramell

When you try something new, it's not always the easiest thing to do it in public. Part of the reason is because you're dead scared you'll screw up. I always thought it would be worse when you wanna do it in front of experienced people who have done it a million times.

It's like that dancing/parapara game in the arcade. You know, the one that you have to step or wave your hands to the beat and score points? It looks easy and people are queuing up like nobody's business to get their shot at the game.

So what are you gonna do if you're a new player? Pretty much humiliate yourself if your hand-eye coordination is shitty, or if you need time to adjust like me.

But sometimes, when you're not going to fight to see who has the most awesome skill but rather cheer each other on and laugh with one another and of course, just tease without intent of destroying other's feelings.

If you have not heard of ComicFiesta, it's basically the Malaysian equivalent to the world famous Comic Con in USA. And I'm not gonna be covering the event since I was stuck outside for half the time, but I surely had the time of my life.

Meet the me at CF 2011. I went as Surprise from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you haven't seen her in the show, you'll see that her cutie mark is very close to that of Pinkie Pie. Surprise was the original drawing made by Lauren Faust for the character that is now Pinkie Pie.

Ok. From that angle it's hard to see my full costume. Here's a better pic:

Meet the Marelaysian Bronies' Society. They're a bunch of awesome people :)

Being in costume was something different for me. Through out all them plays, dramas, sketches, concerts where I played some weird role on stage that never suited my character, this was totally different.

Shakespeare said that all the world is a stage. When you're in costume and walking around, you'll feel the same. It feels amazing to break free from a scripted life and be in character not because your grades or your salary depends on it, but because you want to do it with all your heart.

I always thought costume playing (or cosplaying) was something light and just for fun, and that there was no good reason to do it. Somehow, it was all different once I got into that outfit and got out there among everyone else at ComicFiesta.

You may be someone from totally different shows and series but nothing is going to stop you from interacting. It felt like jumping right out of a TV into some other show and having fun. it's like that feeling you get when you are hating on your computer screen because it's that fourth wall that prevents you from mingling and playing with all those characters in the shows you watch just disappears.

If only my wings were operational, it would be totally compete. The whole journey of over 3 months preparing to become a pony was damn well worth it. Every cent spent on my costume and all the time I took to work on it was not wasted at all. I blew a lot of cash on that one weekend but it was freaking worth it.

The irony of this is that I always had something against fashion and modelling partially for what it does to you. The thing is, cosplaying is a whole new adventure. You're not graded for your own beauty but for how well you take on someone elses character. In true spirit, heck you're not even graded at all of you're not competing! You're just being the closest existent charater to who you are inside or who you want to be. It's like playing dreams in real lifee.

Being Surprise was the most awesome feeling I had. It's along the lines of having the spotlight on myself during my solos when I sing, but this time the sun is my giant spotlight and the world is my audience. I still can feel as if I'm wearing my wings, that my balloons are still tied to my wrist and that my tail is still trailing behind me wherever i go.

Not only was being out there in costume fun, but doing it with friends made it 20% cooler. Jimmy and Tash came dressed up as well and it was all really fun. (Waiting on sources for pictures). I honestly thought more people would do this but hey, it was still one helluva fun. Being able to wave and mix around with characters like Mario, Naruto, Domokun and so many more that I didn't know was priceless. Absolutely priceless. Even those who trolled on us were silly and all in good fun.

Now if I went as myself I would have fried in a few minutes. The management of CF was pretty badly done in terms of traffic handling. I left the hall to answer my phone at 11:30 and due to overload I could only wriggle back in at 5:30. That stuff was worthy of my ranting for hours about how shitty things were and you would hear my rant flow from management to Malaysian attitude to the government. Somehow, i only had it for a split second and as if it was automatic, I responded just like how Surprise would have: smile and have fun wherever possible.

I owe a lot to Zach Morris (a.k.a. WillDrawForFood1). He's an amazing talented guy who sparked my love for Surprise and is completely responsible for me choosing Surprise to be the pony I was gonna cosplay. Her personality is one that i am in love with and I would marry her with half a chance. Such a simple and adorable webcomic reached out and touched me so much. Thank you Zach, for this blessing. You're my hero. Go check out his awesome blog here:

I never was the same again after CF this year. A whole new world opened up to me. What I thought was just a simple way to have fun was more than just putting on a costume and jestering around a hall. It had so much more to offer. Being a brony, it was hard to reach out to the rest dressed in full army wear or brandishing swords taller than they are being a party pony whose name already inspires fun. Better yet, Surprise isn't in the show, but she is very much a part of the community. It was totally priceless to hear people identify and just ask me "Are you Surprise?" or even shout out "Look! It's Surprise!" and hear me squeal like a little girl.

Ponies, in general, have turned my life upside-down this year, and meeting bronies from all over the world gave me a little something more to talk about. There's just so much love and friendship that when I left the convention I didn't take off the costume. I was in it all the way to the LRT (Light Rail Transit) station that I disembarked at.

I miss being Surprise. Real bad.


P.S. More pics may come soon as they surface! :)

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