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Sunday, 27 November 2011

C U When You Get There

"It's about to get a little crazy up in here, cause you can't escape this club. I'm bout to tear it up and I can see I gotcha trippin' for this. Oh, and I mean business."
Take Over - Mizz Nina feat. Flo Rida

Hell froze over in the last two weeks. It has not been easy putting up with assignment after assignment in University. I've had enough of my seniors ranting that we're sweating small stuff because they go through things that are twice as bad. I'm 19 and one of the youngest in my class and I have not been through the shit you've all been through so yeah. If you want to bitch, bitch about people who need some ear bashing.

Monday's performance was a blast. It was nothing short of a miracle. No one knows how we managed to pull the whole thing off with so little time and resources.

Yes, it's the month of celebration. Be it a shitty month or a great month, there's always something to be grateful for. We all face problems all the time from wondering what time to set the alarm clock to whether we should give into the alarm when it actually rings the next morning. What's important this November is that we should be happy that we can solve our own problems and give ourselves a pat on the back when we're done.

November is a month full of challenges. It's right before the holiday season, therefore a lot of us have to fight against our natural rhythm that wants to kick back and relax to finish the final leg of our work or studies. We all want to let go of all this stress and we have our own ways of doing it. Some of us want to party, some of us want to hit the beach and some of us just want to catch up with what we've missed on the telly. They're tempting as hell, so close you can almost taste it but yet so far away that they seem like they'll never come.

I haven't updated for so long, and I regret it because blogging was what I love to do. Sometimes, holding back on what you love to complete something more important is not really the best option. Of course, going all out to indulge in your hobbies is definitely not the right answer either, but everyone needs to let off some steam.

The last of my exams are on Wednesday, and hopefully after all this slogging things will pay off. I can't stand any more formal writing this year.


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