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Monday, 17 October 2011

Hey Monday!

"I was playing with her, she was playing with me. Next thing you know, we were playing with three."
Rain Over Me feat. Marc Anthony - Pitbull

Monday. Again.

Good afternoon everypony everybody. It's been quite the great week no? Weather's been okay, traffic's been good and not much disturbance going on.


Cooped up inside the MacLab on campus, running through my junk on mom's iPad in the car and everything else along those lines. I haven't left much, but one thing has ensued. I'm more productive than ever.

I managed to nail my entire portfolio for one of my subjects. It took a while and some really intensive work, not to mention all the frustrations I went through with the Macs in school. I never expected them to be able to hang, especially after all of Steve Jobs' hot blabber about how robust his creations are.

Don't bother correcting that sentence. I know it doesn't sound right but I think you got what it meant.

Currently the workflow is a serious mess. Somehow what they say about NaNoWriMo was right. You only work when you have a serious shortage of time, and that's how I've been. I really have to learn to self-motivate more. Being sluggish and sleeping in the wee hours of the morning isn't helping.

Do you ever feel that when you're lazy, time flies by you and you're all "meh", but when you're sitting in a traffic jam, warming up in the sauna, putting the kettle on or doing any other redundant thing you suddenly feel like time is flying by faster than a speeding bullet? I feel like that. When I'm sweating my ass off in the sauna, I suddenly feel that I should have my laptop or my phone, that I should be memorizing something or typing something, that I should start some uploads or be doing some sort of design work. Somehow the steam makes my checklist appear in my head, and tortures the hell out of me by not letting me do anything about it.

And then when I get to work, POOF! It's gone.

Now I'm in front of a computer with EVERYTHING I need to start work, but just one thing is missing - a sense of motivation. I'm groggy and sleepy and don't have the steam to start.

As it is, I started writing this post at 12:40 pm. It's almost 5 and I haven't hit "Publish" yet.

I have gots a dinner appointment at 7 and being my forgetful self I didn't bring a couple of things that I need, so I need to panick and find whut I need nao. BAI


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