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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Harmonic Seventh

"Now that I know what they all do I have to find my place and help with all of my heart. Tough task ahead I face. How will I do without my magic? Help the earth pony way? I wanna belong so I must do my best today."
Winter Wrap Up - Daniel Ingram
Sung by Rebecca Shoichet as Twilight Sparkle

It's been a year since Twilight Sparkle stepped into Ponyville in search of the Elements of Harmony. Today we know the true Magic of Friendship because of the bonds she formed with her true friends. If you ever doubt someone today, remember that in each of our hearts, there's a little bit of honesty, laughter, loyalty, kindness and generosity. When we forge friendships, we are bonded in a spirit so strong, the only word that can describe it is magic.

Hello everyone! Yes there are vent posts in the queue and I'm about to explode from a lot of stress, but I felt that this is so important to me because of what I've learnt from over 10 hours on YouTube watching that "show for little girls".

Today marks the first anniversary of the viral television series Friendship is Magic, the latest reboot of the My Little Pony television franchise. If you have not already noticed this blog is dedicating the month of October to Friendship and all the wonders it brings. There is much that we can learn from this show, and it's really intriguing for what it is termed to be - a "show for little girls".

I don't think I can say I learned who my true friends are. Instead, All those letters to Princess Celestia that Twilight wrote made me think deeper and helped me see that as messed up some of my friends are, they still have a little spark in them. You may not be close, but if they really care, then there's a little place in their heart just for you no matter how oblivious they are to others. Everyone has a heart. If not, bronies like me wouldn't exist.

What I have now is not my 806 friends on Facebook, not the class of 35 I'm sitting in where some people don't give a shit nor my 202 followers on Twitter. I have the people who are on speed dial in my phonebook. I have the people whose calls I constantly and consciously miss. I have the people I ignore on Skype and Facebook Chat. I have the people who show up at my doorstep out of the blue just to say hi.

Today, after being a brony for about a month, that spark ignited inside me. The magic came to life in my heart.

I realized over the years that friendships have what is called the "test". If you are cut out to be friends, you WILL fight. It means that you have learned to voice out your opinion to your friend and when you do fight until it's so bad that you never wanna talk again, the seventh element of harmony springs to life - FORGIVENESS.

When you learn to forgive, your friendship will be locked in place and set in stone. Nothing will be able to tear you apart no matter what happens.

So here's my take on this, to all bronies out there.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I hope this finds you well. I trust that Pinkie Pie passed this to Spike or Twilight.

I've been checking into Ponyville now and then and seen all the happenings there, and I feel safe to say I am really envoius of how things go. Where I'm from, everypony is so different. We fight over trivial matters, live without generosity and don't have a heart for one another.

The reason I'm writing to you is to thank you for your trust in Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Without them, I wouldn't have learned that my friends actually have a little place in my heart. Nopony is perfect, and that is hard to accept. What we have to lessen that burden is that we learn to be the best we can be, and that comes from the hearts of the ponies who help us in any way they can, even when we don't realize it.

We all hurt others whether we like it or not. Everypony does it consciously and unconsciously. Some of us are sensitive while some of us are more acceptant. I, for one, am a sensitive pony.

Another thing I want to express to you , Princess Celestia, is that I believe that there is still one element missing from the Elements of Harmony. Yes, the six elements have taught me much, but there's just one more that appeared. It wasn't manifested in anypony, but I believe it's the missing element that put Discord back where he belongs.

Princess Celestia, behold the element of forgiveness. I've always pictured it to be a necklace like the ones that Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy wear. A simple yellow heart-shaped pendant, just like the one I used to wear as an earring. I've always believed in forgiveness and what it can do. It's wonderful. Do let me share.

I've fought with and hurt many ponies, not that I wanted to or that I got something out of it. In fact I have hurt myself through all the stupid things I've done and I have to admit it really hurts me inside. I was once told by a friend that forgiveness is what I was missing. He was right.

I was touched by how you forgave Princess Luna for almost putting Equestria in eternal darkness, and I believe that everyone in Equestria would have gotten the message too. That moment was a real tear jerker, and as your subject I feel proud to call you a Princess.

Forgiveness is in our hearts. I'm sure Twilight knows that. It comes naturally to her because she learned friendship from the best ponies around - her friends who have kept faith in her and didn't let her go into the Everfree forest alone.

I thank you for your time, your majesty. And I believe that you have more important tasks to take care of. I just would like to give you a gentle reminder that you should go visit Twilight in the Treebrary. Maybe head down later this evening or tonight and have a chat with her. I'm sure Sugarcube Corner would stay open a little longer for you. Pinkie's in a great mood today. It's been a year since you posted Twilight to Ponyville to make friends and incarnate the Elements of Harmony and she wants to celebrate. I'm sure the Ponyville folks would be honored to have you around again, after all, you still owe them a visit from the time the parasprites infested Fillydelphia!

Your loyal subject,
St. Pinkie

So pull up a chair and watch a few episodes today and give thanks to God and Celestia for Lauren Faust and how she touched our lives, all with the touch of a "show for little girls".


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