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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sky Full Of Lighters

"I got my feet in the air and my head on the ground and the rest of body‘s somewhere in the clouds. I’m coming down no time soon like I’m tied to a couple hundred helium balloons."
Higher (feat. Travie McCoy) - Taio Cruz

Exams are over and I'm back once again! I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but I just have to do this.

October is coming soon and to everyone out there, The SOCialites @ Taylors University will be having a prom this year! So open that diary, Google Calendar or iCal and free up the 4th of November!

Click the button to add this event to your

It's for everyone to be a part of ! This is the FIRST cross faculty prom in Taylor's University and you're invited! The theme for this year is PSYCHEDELIC colours! That means any colour that pops out like the neon signs in Las Vegas, so come dressed in your most vivid, lucid dress and have the time of your life!

Early bird tickets are up for sale now at RM135 each! If you grab an early ticket, we'll throw in a special bonus for you! An RM20 voucher to do up your hair at Re:Style by A Cut Above right in the comfort of Taylors University.

It's easy to get to Empire Hotel (yes, I know I bitch about Subang being the world's best recreation of hell). It's on Google Maps (clickie here) and should pop up on any maps app on your smartphone. Just punch in Empire Hotel, Subang. It's the one and only Empire Hotel in Subang. You can't miss it!

So if you want tickets, reserve them NOW by emailing us at and also, please "Like" the SOCialites Facebook page so that you can get updates in your stream!

See you there at the Psychedelic Prom 2011 by the SOCialites @ Taylors University!

EDIT: This event has been cancelled in the wake of the explosion that happened in Subang Empire. We regret the inconvenience caused.


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