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Monday, 19 September 2011

Information Age of Hysteria

"Welcome to a new kind of tension, all across the alienation. Everything isn't meant to be okay. Television dreams of tomorrow, they're not the ones we're meant to follow."
American Idiot - Green Day

I know my last update was way too long ago. I'm sorry again. Looks like I need another booster campaign to get me on my feet. The amount of motivation I've been dealing with is way below what I need to do anything. I'm just back to my lazy ass self again. 

To say the exams are around the corner is an understatement. They start tomorrow, and the demotivational aura that wafts around me in the house and in the car isn't helping. I've been falling asleep at the wheel a little more than often and I thank my lucky stars it only happens in traffic jams. Our privatised highways only care about the bloody toll and don't bother to build an emergency shoulder for things like this. It's part of the the reason why we have so many slowdowns when accidents happen. A two lane highway just isn't enough to accommodate our assole driving.

It's kinda like what's going on in my mind. There's a traffic jam up there from all the stuff I have put off. The vicious spiral has begun again. It's just like how it happens in the Bulletproof Monk comic: sleep brings hunger, hunger brings sleep, sleep brings hunger, hunger brings sleep, and this goes on. I need something powerful enough to break me out of this stupid rut. I have tons of work to do and I have the time to do it. I just wasn't born with the ability to self-motivate.

With that I should get back to work. Blogging during the toilet break isn't really the smartest thing to do, especially in the class where the tools are a bitch to use and the subject matter the most unappealing of all.

The day isn't going too well either. For once I parked on campus during peak hour and I happened to get the lot at the furthest end of the campus. It's gonna be a hell of a walk back to the car. My phone headset is spoilt and I'm gonna have to listen to the sound of wind and traffic on my hike.

In other news, I've become a Brony. Google it, or if you're that lazy, I'll tell you more after my exams.

And I'll put up what I've kept in store since my trip to Australia. So stay tuned. I'm back!


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