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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rock & Roll Ramadhan -Part Two- Sweet Tooth

"I'll talk about my faith and never judge or hate. My actions will do the speaking. "
The Time of Ramadan - Fez Meghani

Day two of the fasting season and all has been going well for the exception for the little Mentos I spat out immediately after inserting it my mouth. Memory lapse.

My memory failed me at that moment, but during last year's "One Week of Ramadhan", I made the exact same mistake, only worse because I actually ate something as compared to swallowing sweetened saliva.

I don't count this as a failure though, just a little bump on the road.

However, I found out that I seem to have a sweet tooth (See? I learn things during Ramadhan). I'm not surprised. No offence to diabetics but who doesn't like sweet stuff? Candy and sugar make the world spin faster!

It's 5:30. Two hours to breaking fast. My stomach is already complaining to me as I would in a restaurant where I would have to wait for food for 10 hours. Plus, I'm dehydrated and tempted to drink shower water when I bathe (as I normally do lol).

As for university, class today was pretty fun. It was a great way to kickoff the new semester with some light and interesting activities. I sure hope everything stays this way, if not get better.

I'mma sign off now and find something to do for the next hour before breaking fast.


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