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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rock & Roll Ramadhan -Part One- Here Comes The Moon

"It doesnt mean at iftar, that you cant have fun, but strive in your heart, for your Lord the one and be blessed by Allah, when the month is done."
Ramadhan is Here - Native Deen

I'm keeping to my word for once (not that I do all the time). It's August, and simultaneously, Ramadhan. Tis time to fast and this year, though I'm born a Catholic and stand as a Universalist by choice, I'm gonna try my very best to observe Ramadhan.

So the sighting of the moon last night confirmed the beginning of the fasting month. This is the month that leads up to the ever-so-anticipated festival of forgiveness and repentance known as Aidilfitri. It's the light at the end of the tunnel for many.

Plus, classes at University resume tomorrow! It's going to be something different for once when people have to look for another way to socialize with new classmates than over the same old boring lunch. It'll probably make us more creative in a way.

I believe Ramadhan brings many blessings. The crap theory that fasting doesn't make one lose weight is nothing but an urban legend. I have lost weight over fasting before and I can do it again. But I'm not in this just because of the weight loss. There's so much to see and learn when you leave out a couple of meals a day. 

As for those who have observed Ramadhan for a while, have a great Ramadhan al-Mubarak this year and for those who are about to have their first taste (no pun intended) of the Ramadhan experience, good luck and have fun!


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