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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stayin' Alive! .:Round 2:. Winning Territory

"We gettin' money, don't be mad now stop. Hatin' is bad."
Party Rock Anthem feat. GoonRock & Lauren Benett - LMFAO

Forgive me once again. I know I'm pushing the limits of myself to discipline myself to update. It's tough and...holy crap I haven't updated since the beginning of July!

My beloved netbook, my HolyBible just collapsed on me and despite my crazy ongoing efforts to revive the poor thing, nothing's working...yet. I'mma keep praying and trying.

Ok. Blues aside (no pun intended), let's move on to some fun shall we?

Remember about a year and a half back? I was just starting college, life was beginning to show a deceiving brighter side and oh yeah, I had just gotten hold of my leraners' license and was testing the water on how to drive.

But what stuck with me for so freaking long was the fact that I got kicked out of a nightclub just a month after turning 18. Seriously, that night was burned into my mind forever.

In case you don't know why it happened, it was because I went straight from college in bermudas that were, for I don't know what reason, not allowed. Blame it on my total disregard for dress codes.

So for one whole year, I did not step into a nightclub. Not that I did before, but I was pretty proud of keeping my clubbing virginity. No late night hard liquor, no worrying about phones and wallets getting nicked.

After a year, opportunity struck again, and this time I was not going to let it slip out of my hands.

Behold, the remixed, revamped and reloaded REV-CUP, the most REVved up party of the year!

So why is it in Sunway? Well, guess what. Selangor won!

Now that we are officially the most awesome state in Malaysia, it's time to stand up and cheer!

So what was it like being in a nightclub for the very first time? Let me share. It wasn't a clubbing night as in, popping bottles, going nuts on the dancefloor and that. I'm not built for that kind of sleeze. No I have nothing against MOS or any other club. If I were to ever step into a club, it would be for music appreciation and I would park my ass behind the DJ booth.

This time, dance floor was spicier than ever. Some fun personalities turned up to keep the party going. There was Jin, the dude who hosts the Hitz Party on Hitz.FM,

His morning counterpart, JJ Fernandes, who hosts the morning show.

Bittersweet, who shook the dance floor and got us started.

Hunny Madu, the Fly FM DJ. Yes, in case you didn't know, she performs as well and she does it like a bombshell.

Along with her two dancers.

And they tore up the dancefloor.

Now if you're Malaysian and don't know who this familiar face is, it is about time you do. Here's a hint: he likes the way it makes you move.

Yup. That's Reshmonu and his drummer. You have gotta love his style of fusion. This is totally why I love club music. With people like him and his DJ, it's unpredictable. I've never seen that kind of percussion manifest itself in this genre of music.

Okay, so JJ and Jin don't perform. They were there to host the show :)

And then we have to salute the people who took Selangor to glory.

Four digits. Not in Revive drinks (though that would be cool), but in cold hard cash! These people uploaded and made the craziest and most awesome photos and videos to the Rev Cup app on Facebook (click here to see the app and the photos).

And after all that jam, we finally ended with a bang, led by none other than Pop Shuvit!

Apologies for a late posting and a big thank you to Permanis and Advertlets for having me over for this first!


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