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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stayin' Alive! .:Round 2:. The Firing Field

"You overthink, always speak cryptically. I should know."
Hot n' Cold - Katy Perry

Bugger the employment industry.

When the stakes are good, it's always the old folks who have left us with a brighter future. When the stakes are shitty, it's always the newbie's fault. Always, unless you're a gifted big show like Elton John, a dirty player like Mark Zuckerberg, a moneybag like most politicians nowdays or a cash-powered bulldozer like Rebecca Black (Really. Her moment is probably when she finally got the ATM card to her first bank account).

So who are we? We're the inexperienced new people who have just left the world of formal education to see the real world and how unforgiving it is. We're the new meat that are here for you to bat around like a stress toy. It's not that we do not respect the older generation and how you have gained your rank and place in the industry. Don't come to us with the stories of how you used to have to slog to work after graduation because unskilled labour is not the same as what we're expected to do after graduation.

Skills are skills. They are gained chiefly from experience. Without being given the chance to even try is bad enough. Not being given the chance to fail and make mistakes is worse. It's not that we love to screw up. Shit happens. It just depends where it happens and when it hits the fan.

Yes we know what responsibilities are and we have them. Our role is to know what we can do and take on the tasks accordingly, not to have others' work delegated to us so that we break our backs while the upper market reaps their "passive income". We can barely make enough for ourselves while the big players save up for their second Mercedes.

I'm not looking to tight slap someone or to sabotage some giant syndicate here. All I'm asking for is some room and chances. Nobody's perfect and everyone makes sacrifices. It's just that some people have things in life that cannot be put aside.


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