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Monday, 18 July 2011

Stayin' Alive! .:Round 2:. The Dying Sparks

"Sink me in a river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song."
If I Die Young - The Band Perry

One week. That's all that remains. One stupid week.

It'll go by in a flash. That I know. I've been so messed up these weeks. Pretending to be busy so that I have time to myself and when I finally do, I end up wasting it by staying up all night, waking up late the next morning and wasting the day away. That's been the day-to-day routine.

I have nothing much to say. Nothing exciting has happened. I would pretty much cry right now from all the time I've wasted. Not on anyone but myself. I get too hooked onto Hollywood style scenes where people don't take advice because they're so faithful and sure in themselves and their peers that when the stakes are high, the euphoria is so capturing that it rakes them in. Unfortunately, that's Hollywood.

What happens here? Things just die. Ideas that once were full of anticipation and spirit now lie on the grounds like balloons after a party waiting to be popped and swept away. I'm a person made of dreams. No, not your dreams, my own dreams. I don't look like a slut thank you. I've lived and am living to see them come true, but around me nothing seems to change. I'm looking at everyone else and how I've just sit here waiting for something to happen. Everyone else is having fun and this idiot is still messed up and taking all the wrong opportunities.

Maybe holidays should just last 2 weeks or so. Just enough to rest and get some spirit going again. Hah. Silly me. Oh look. My to-do list looks almost the same as how it looked like when the bloody month started.

Somebody come slap me. Soon. Wake me up from this shithole.


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