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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stayin’ Alive! .:Round 2:. Incoming!

“My, oh my. It’s a little bit scary.”
Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

Okay, so I didn’t keep my promise. I’m sorry.

But hey, I’m back! If you’ve been following on Facebook, I said that is was harder than it sounds…

Dare I say, I’ve become a workaholic in a way. University is WAY more hectic than everyone says it is. Maybe it’s because I’m doing a completely assignment based course.

So the past few months have been crazy. I’m proud that I’ve survived it. I’ve had urges coming from all directions to get online and blog, but in the midst of hitting the online drop box a mere 30 seconds before the deadline, I realised that time was really of the essence.

but that doesn’t mean I’m given up on this blog! It’s the holidays now and even thought I’ve chocked up tons of activities, I’ve set aside time to pen my thoughts out. I’ve been cranky lately and I could use the journal therapy.

And then there’s the numerous stories out of campus that I bet you will love to hear. Really. If you are yet to get sunk into university or are about to begin soon, you’re gonna love this.

Shit aside, life has been treating me well. Sure there are ups and downs, but it has been a great and crazy 5 months.

So keep in touch. See your page peeling a little at the top? Click on it and “Like” us on Facebook! It’ll keep you posted!


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