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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Stayin' Alive! .:Round 2:. Extraction

"For now I'll lie around Hell, that's all I can really do. She takes good care of me, just keep saying my love is true"
Pulling Teeth - Green Day

Hold your horses! I have my excuses, and you better believe this.

It's been a hell of a few days. The holidays for me aren't really holidays now. I've been packed with all sorts of stuff, from meetings to tasks and jobs.

That was the case until MONDAY. Yeah. The blacklisted day of the week couldn't get any worse.

So yeah. I went to the dentist last week. I was chewing on some Indonesian Satay flavoured Pringles when it struck. You know, that feeling that someone swung a baseball bat at you, miraculously missed your cheek and the outer core of your teeth and hit the sensitive inside covered with more nerve endings than any other part of your mouth?

As for the Indonesian Satay flavour, it's pretty much fail. The Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wings flavoured ones tasted exactly the same. I suggest you stick with the other Pringles flavours (and besides, isn't Satay Malaysian!?)

So that happened last week. Mom rang up the dentist and got me an appointment the very next day.

I'm not afraid of the dentist. Ever since I made an effort to take better care of my teeth after being told off when I was 12 about my dental health. I brushed my teeth religiously every night back then. I even had the kid's version of the electric ActiBrush by Colgate (RM75. Expensive bugger). The stains were, however, more religious than me.

So when I was about 14, I stopped brushing on a regular basis. Guess what. I did not need to go for scaling so often. A tube of toothpaste lasted me 4-5 months and all was well. I had no problems with my oral infrastructure.

That was until Colgate launched their new line of toothpastes. That was when I no longer wanted satisfyingly clean and healthy teeth. I started to want the bright Darlie smile and teeth so strong that I can survive a 10-storey drop with all intact.

I was about 17 and I started brushing about 5 times a day. It was good. Everytime I brushed it sent a jolt of freshness into me that immediately gave me more spirit and energy.

Surely it wasn't a bed of roses. You have assoles who say crap like "Brushing too much isn't good." Those are the people who definitely haven't tried.

Then there was the time when I was one of the Star Students in school so we went to Pizza Hut for our treat. God knows what got into me but I decided to look a little more human and eat pizza with cutlery. Sad thing is that halfway through the meal I forgot that I was using a FORK. I just sunk my teeth into the pizza with full force to tear off the pepperoni so that it comes off clean and doesn't drag the rest of the topping off with it.

That's when my teeth met with the fork.

So yeah. I lost a little bit of my front tooth. It was the right side so now I have a constant reminder to know how and what I am eating.

Surely enough, my left front tooth was next. People, NEVER drink out of a glass bottle when your friend is driving. Ed was behind the wheel and showing off his super-fast three-pointer. You know what happened next. Sudden brake and my left front tooth hit the rim of my water bottle. There went a little chip of tooth.

But still, my teeth were all okay. No big problems.


I have no idea why they call them wisdom teeth. The dentist had a look at my left side where I had that ache and she was like. "Oh, your wisdom tooth is coming out. It's bothering your molar next to it. No worries. Nothing's wrong. It's normal."

So it was all good until...

"But your right side wisdom tooth isn't coming out straight..."
"Is that normal too?"

Fat chance.

So yeah. I had it removed on Monday. It wasn't a typical pullout. This was a wisdom tooth, and it wasn't being very wise in the back of my mouth. It was crooked as hell and poking into the molar next to it. Yes. POKING. It was fitting inside like a jigsaw puzzle.

The solution to that? Grind down the part that's poking and sitting in my molar, then pull the root out.

And painful it was. Even with four times the anaesthetic dose, there were occasional pain attacks. After the grinding, it took quite a while for the tooth to crack and give way. Then the real shit started.

The removal of the root was really excruciating. The pressure that was on the root from the chisel (I have no idea what that tool is, but it was scary as hell) was enormous and it was just nudge after nudge till the tooth finally came out.

And that was it. Now I can't speak properly, half my face is slightly swollen and I can still feel the raw gum at the back of my mouth. But meh, it was worth it. The dentist said that if I had it removed a couple of years down, the root could snap and then I would be in deep trouble and even deeper pain.

So to all my dear readers. Go get an appointment with the dentist. NAO. If you have to pull a tooth, get it done ASAP, before things get stuck.


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