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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Stayin' Alive! -Part Two- The Wall of Words

"Any language straight from the heart pulls us all together, never apart."
Love In Any Language - Sandi Patti

YES people! As promised! I is BACK.

The days in Semester 1 are numbered now and the final assessments are pouring in. It won't be long before the summer holidays get here.

Holidays may come and go and they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. It's really foolish to let petty things piss you off.

And right in the midst of conversation, some people twist things until you feel as if the table you're sitting at suddenly burst into flames. I understand if you have pet peeves, but this is seriously ridiculous. I know I am for a universal language, but I don't shoot people down for saying something wrong. Some of the most innocent mistakes are those that are used to pick people up, slap them on the cheek and trample them. Wanna know what it is?

Language. It's our language! No, not the degree of how saturated conversations are with profanities, it's simpler. Our grammar.

Now I am definitely not hammering at people with poor grammar. Please do understand that. Who I really can't stand are people who can't stand others' grammar problems. Yes. I know that I shouldn't show this kind of tolerance to such people, but then they can't accept others just on the basis of language.

Allow me to ask. What is the purpose of language? Language is a tool, a medium that's used to communicate with one another. Yes, you can get a BA in English. If every government in the world enforced a rule that made it mandatory then maybe, just MAYBE, your argument would be valid, but that's never gonna happen. Not in Malaysia at least.

So language barriers arise between us. They're an issue of society that may get in the way of us, but it is part of what makes us a diverse culture. I'm sure you've heard the same old story.

"We're all from different backgrounds, different religions and different races, but we are all united as one"

Okay. Maybe you didn't hear it in this style but yeah. The typical response is like:

*YAWNS* Yes, yes. We're as one. Yay for 1Malaysia, yay for everything. I love my Chaineese friends. Is that how you spell it? Who cares. And all my black friends...I meant Indian friends. Yeah. We're one. We're united. We're 1Malaysia. It'll be better if those retard Indians would shut up and all blablablablaaa yak yakety yak yak yak....

Get what I mean? I know what's in your mind too. Yeah. I've become David Copperfield for a day.

Me? That's not me. I love everyone.

Bullshit (forgive me if that was NOT what was on your mind). No one loves everyone. You're not God. Stop trying to be like Him.

Messages spreading unity and preaching for diversity are doing just nothing but going in one ear and out the other. I'm tired of hearing them over and over again in traffic jams, at traffic lights, on the way to campus and on the public broadcast systems. They're not working because we're not actively trying to unite. We're putting the blame on others and not on ourselves. Yeah. It has to be our politicians right? I believe that YOU have a role to play here too.

And now, are we gonna let language get in the way? Just because someone can't write English as well as you can, it doesn't mean that s/he's of a lower class than you. Don't get me started on speaking. Maybe someone who has a pretty damn good command of the language can be like a toastmaster or something. Speech is only half the matter. If you're one who talks trash then that might be a good reason to have your ass kicked, but if you're someone who has something good to say, you have every right to have your voice heard in writing and in speech.

So keep it sweet and simple. We don't need another social bias that's gonna tear us up further.


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