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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Let The Clocks Be Reset

"Seeing everything, the time is going. Ticking on and on, everybody’s rushing."
Friday - Rebecca Black


I can go on and on and on about her. So what if she's a child prodigy of some sort? So what if she has 70 gazillion views on YouTube. She can't perform. She can't sing. She sucks. Big time. But that one line of lyrics is just what I need to express myself now.

The week flew by and it was a wreck. Entire establishments that once stood so strong that we swore upon them that nothing could break them crumbled and shattered into pieces so small that they just disappear.

It's either a selfish paranoia that's brewing inside me or something is really going wrong. Whatever happened to the bonds that we built over the months? Where did it all go?

Where are we now? We're home. Back in Malaysia, but things don't feel at "home" anymore. It's like we left something behind.

I don't really know what brought us together. Was it a coincidence? Yeah sure. The love for singing is a generic reason for all choirs. In fact, it's becoming an excuse nowdays. There was some common ground between all of us.

So my mom asked me over dinner what my plans were for tomorrow, and so she questioned me:

"Do you still wanna be part of that choir?"

"Hell yeah."

Going for rehearsal on Sunday night never felt better.

In case you're wondering why there's been an insane lack of updates, it's because University has grappled my by the throat and is trying to wring the crap outta me, so yeah.

Don't worry. Assignment deadlines are gonna be up this week and then I'll have more time!

Cheers y'all!


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