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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tell The World I'm Coming Home

"He's got that ambition. Baby, look in his eyes."
Gold Digger - Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx

I've got homework so I have gotta make this fast. Please don't laugh at this post. It's very serious business.

As you all know I just got back from Vietnam with my choir, the YoungChoral Academy Youth Chamber Choir. Yes we're a fun lot, but I'm not here to blog about our bragging rights and whatnot.

I need a favour from you. It only will take a couple of minutes. I promise.

Imagine having a leader that nurtured brought your team to victory. Imagine how proud he would stand when the team is announced the winner. Imagine the glory and celebration that would happen...

The person lying on the hospital bed above is in critical condition in ICU. He is still struggling to survive in Da Nang hospital, Hoi An, Vietnam. An unknown infection has gotten to him and doctors are racing against the clock to save him.

That person is also the captain of the Diporonegro University Choir from Indonesia. The choir that won their category. The same choir that made my hair stand when they performed their winning number, the Circle of Life. The same choir that won the Grand Prix.

Little did we know that as his team was fighting for the gold, he was at the same time fighting for his life. Yes. He missed the competition, but his team spirit carried on.

He needs YOUR prayers. Yes. YOU. That's what I wanted to ask. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM.

His name is Febriyanto, and I believe that God is holding his hand now and telling us that a miracle is going to happen. All we need to do is pray.

Donations are accepted. For more information, do contact Ramli Andrianto Nainggolan at +62.813.2020.9496.

The full story is on Facebook. Click here to read.

Hang in there Febri. We're here for you.


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