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Monday, 28 February 2011

Youth of the Nation

"No keys, push to start."
Black & Yellow - Wiz Khalifa

Week one is over and the classes start tomorrow. Suddenly I realise that February has just wooshed by like a thief in the night.

I'm busy in the back of YCA putting the finishing (and some beginning) touches on the personalized T-shirts what we're gonna wear on our travels in Hoi An, Vietnam. I'm removing everyone's names from the designs because the majority voted against placing the names on the shirts.

I'm not complaining about that. I honestly don't mind any part of this. In fact, I really like it. I always  wanted a unique way to bond with you all, and even though I am a freaking stiffy who can't move properly nor remember and coordinate choreography inside my mind, I still love you all. It's that love I have not just for the art and performance, but the love I have for you all that keeps me in this group.

The point of this post is, however, not to explicitly say that I love my choir. They know I do.

My purpose? Why remove your name when you're about to show the world who you are? Yes, your identity is Malaysian. "MALAYSIA" is printed in big bold letters at the back, but aren't you proud of who YOU are?

Yes, the shirt is expensive. What is the issue here? We've had the same person design our shirts for years. We love him very much and we love his designs too, I just feel that it's a little undemocratic to have someone else do the design and we have no say in it. So that's why I took this up.

For a little more money (we're not even talking about 2 digits here) we can have a totally unique and more flexible design, so why not put in as much as we can?

Yes I know I stretching the limits of the design boundaries, but I still feel that something is missing.

Why do you think footballers wear their names on their jerseys? No! It's not like a name tag or anything! Heck, if that was the case, David Beckham might as well play topless. Everyone knows his name. If you're in a stadium watching football and you don't recognize him, you're in the wrong place or blind.

Your name is part and parcel of your identity. Why do you forsake it? Why are you embarrassed to wear it? Why is it "Eeyer...don't want!" or "Not nice lah!" when it comes to names on shirts? Heck, there are only 4 shirts in my cupboard with my name on it and 3 are from the SIC. All 3 were too small for me due to a big bloody screw up in the ordering process. They even dared to say that they alter the order of they feel that the shirt size that you specify will not fit.

What bullshit. Covering up blunders has never been so obvious. I am XL. My shirt size has been always larger than XL and L is my tight fit. You folks at bowling alleys, my shoe size is 12. I know who I am thank you very much and I know that I am fat. Want some more news? I couldn't give a damn. I believe that looks don't matter one bit. Why? It's always what's inside that counts. Plastic surgery is payable, emotional surgery is impossible.

The last shirt in my cupboard that has my name on it was a demo iron heat transfer mock-up of the the current choir threads. Why I like it is because it has my name on it. Yes there are like a million Daniels out there, but I am proud to be one in a million.

Well. I'm done ranting, but really people. Show some pride. We love ourselves and we should be proud to. Don't be afraid of what people say. People talk cock. I talk cock. Idiots will be idiots. What is our role? To stand up and take what belongs to us, fire it up and shine it bright and hold it high for the world to see. That's what is left for us to do. There may be a million things you can't afford, but you can never not-afford what you already have, and that is your name.

Don't be scared. Put your best foot forward. The world is an evil place, but when you take pride in what you do and stand for who you are, you'll see the difference. The difference between going all your life as a name that are just little entries on lists and rosters, and living on as a name that is on the tips of people's tongues.


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