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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out?

"Serial killer hiding murder material in a cereal box on top of your stereo."
Kill You - Eminem

WARNING: The following video contains violent footage of animal abuse. Whose who may not or cannot bear to watch such actions are advised to NOT play this video. Daniel Anthony and are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any distress or trauma caused by the viewing of the following clip and are in no way associated with the production or acquiring of the following video. We DO NOT condone such behaviour. This video has been included in this post for the sole reason of giving readers a better understanding of the context.

Note: Dog lovers are strongly advised to refrain from viewing the video as well

I bet some of you have seen this viral video.

Pretty knocked up shit right? The toy poodle (so named Sushi) was being trashed like crazy until the poor thing almost fainted. I could still bear with the abuse as they limited their "punishment" to just whacking and throwing the dog around. It's not that I condone the behaviour, it's just that we can be thankful that at the end of the video the poor thing was still alive, and that no blunt trauma or stab wounds were inflicted in the course of the video.

The intention and motif of the video isn't clear, but it doesn't seem like the guy is like sadistic or morbid. What I could make out, telling from the way he was doing things was that the owner wanted the puppy to be able to strike a cute pose like this:

Cute or not, he's doing it the wrong way. I'm talking about the abuser here.

But still, a question struck me. Why is this person uploading such a video? There isn't really an audience who would LIKE to see this. I have no idea who uploaded it but it became viral. Almost every tech or internet savvy Malaysian knows about the case. People are virtually demanding the death penalty on this guy. Have you heard the public outcry? It's insane!

Alright already!

What you may have just seen was a VIDEO. A DOCUMENT. If it was not there in the first place, none of this would have happened. If it was just hearsay, even from an eyewitness who swore upon a stack of holy scripture the height of a skyscraper, it would just wisp away and become stale news after a couple of days.

Let me ask you, how do you think the lion at the circus that you went to as a kid became so obedient?

How do you think the elephant you rode on when you were in your early teens was trained to ensure that s/he doesn't fling you off or catapult you into tertiary forest halfway through your ride?

Pretty much the same way, or worse. Ruthless bashing and shipping and caning for HOURS on end (and this video was what? Less than 20 minutes?) every single day whips them into the shape that is ready to impress the crowd.

Open your eyes, dear Malaysians. Don't just watch the video and print half a thousand leaflets and whatnots trying to get the whole nation to turn against a dude. Yes he is wrong in his actions, and i do not condone it, but folks, this is just an example of how we overrate stuff.

I'm a balloon lover, and I am against popping balloons, but do I kill people who pop balloons?

No I don't. The most I do is tell them off. Besides, the price of latex is going up and it's harder for people who know how to appreciate balloons to be able to enjoy their beauty without hurting their wallet.

Back to the point.

The video in the following link is even more graphically disturbing and violent than the first video above. Please do not view this video if you cannot handle the video above or if you are unable to stand the sight of blood. Once again, we are not responsible for any distress or trauma that may be caused directly or indirectly through the viewing of this video. and Daniel Anthony are NOT affiliated in any way with this video and any means that were used to produce or acquire it.

If there should be outrage, this would be what calls for it.

If you did not watch the video, it is a very disturbing and gut-wrenching scene where a lady delivers a killing blow to a live rabbit before tearing the animal apart with her high heels.

This is terrible. What is the motive behind slashing the living daylights out of a harmless rabbit and uploading the video to Facebook?

I have no idea if this was local, but if it was Malaysian, then this really is too much.

Comic-Strip bloggers Dan Khoo and Wai Kit made a comical sketch on their blog "" about getting famous by making an animal abuse video (Click here to see it). It was a joke all in good laughter, but I think someone took that a little too seriously.

Really. Now if you wanna get famous in Malaysia, whack your pet to death. What's next? If some hell bent masochist college student murders his or her roommate violently and takes a video of it for Youtube is what it takes for us to wake up and realise that we have to end such pointless terminal violence. Seriously. This kind of shit builds up and one day we might just end up killing each other for entertainment. Showing off your ego should be in things like sports. You wanna be violent? Go join WWE.

While ultimate outrage is going on in Malaysia over animals getting whacked, just think about it. Right now, people are being shot to death in Libiya. Human beings are losing their lives to live ammunition and bomb shrapnel and what are we up to? Blasting an outrage over someone abusing their dog. Think, people, think. Get your priorities straight.

There are idiots born everyday, and as I say, idiots remain as idiots. There are many types of idiots out there. I am an idiot, and heck I love being one. At least I'm an idiot who knows how to value life.


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