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Friday, 21 January 2011


"Now I'm picking up the pieces thinking where to begin, the hardest part of ending is starting again."
Waiting For The End - Linkin Park

It's 12:15 AM and my parents are trying to boot me into a steady 9 AM wake-up pattern these days while I am trying to enjoy my life BEFORE I wind up in a nine-to-five job. As it is my part-time job is already giving me the laziness attacks.

So let's see. At this time last year, my blog had already scored its first fifteen posts of 2010 and was sizzling hot at the blog posts commenting and updating peeps about the church bombings that happened.

Those were the days when i could watch the stats soar and be proud of it. I was a really happy blogger, but now that feeling isn't as strong. It's probably since I'm all hammered up by the loss of my previous URL that I loved quite much.

But I have to stand to my motto to stop tolerating and start accepting. is gone forever. It's like having a big bag to dump all the messed up bad memories into. One toss and it's all gone. You hardly remember a thing, but the memory of chucking it all out makes you miss having them around. Why? I'm an optimist. I look for the silver lining. When the cloud is gone, it goes with it.

I certainly do not miss being deprived happiness. There is a reason why i'm always 120% perky during choir rehearsals and karaoke. There is a reason why I feel very sluggish at vocal training sessions. Singing is my passion and my stress-relieving option. Now I can't go all crazy at vocal training can I? It's suicide.

After singing and screaming my lungs out on Saturday night, I'm having the roughest sore throat I've had since my trip to Vietnam. I can't hammer my falsettos in the car anymore. It's been rather quiet. I can almost never let Katy Perry or Justin Bieber sing in peace without me harmonizing to their voices. I tend to do crazy things to add spice to my life. My dad thinks that I'm falling into a rut as I can't do what I wanna do in University thanks to the STOOPID Ministry of Higher Education. Come on. it can't possibly take THAT long to approve a Mass Communications course. If they can approve a Medicine course in a few months, I don't see why Mass Comm should be any slower.

Back to the topic.

The last thing I want blogging to become to me is a chore. I want to do it because I love doing it. I gotta start sorting out this mess I'm in before i'm up to my neck in it. As it is, I think half my body is already submerged.

I've gotta keep pushing. I've gotta keep driving...driving that sensation as far as it will go.


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