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Saturday, 22 January 2011

It's What's Inside That Counts! -Part Two- Tick Tock

"Now nothing feels right when I'm not with you. I'm sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos."
T-Shirt - Chontelle

The clock is ticking and in a while I'mma shower and get the hell out of the house. I've been loafing around all morning.

I dropped my friend a message about the dress code for tonight and she replied with "Smart Casual".

Now I really don't like dress codes. Some people make it really difficult for others. I mean, why do we need to have a dress code? I know that if we don't, some folks may turn up in their birthday suit but hey. We're not stupid people.

I'm not taking a shot at people for setting a dress code. I know you gotta do what you've gotta do. I'm just against the idea as a whole.

I mean, look at me when I'm in formal wear.

I look like a complete idiot.

I prefer my usual T-Shirt anytime.

I don't even mind the collar.

Heck, I can even tahan swimwear!

Don't ask.

Okay. I'll be really honest. I kinda did what any Malaysian would do when they're not sure about something.

I'm THAT stupid.


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