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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Danger, Laser, Tetris, Impossible

"Black and blue, hit me till I'm numb. Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you're from."
Grenade - Bruno Mars

Should you know me well, my pain tolerance is worse than that of a baby. That's why I was so easy to bully when I was in primary school.

A few years ago my mom roped me into one of her team-building events that involved paintball. It was scary as hell, especially after seeing the bruises that she came back with after her first session.

I pretty much wasted my time there. I sat behind a bunker just firing at anyone who sticks their head out. That was pretty easy, but there was not a single drop of adrenaline within me. I'm a sissy. I can't do this kinda brutal sports.

Since then, I have never even gone close to a paintball arena.

There I was at home playing Counter-Strike to have fun shooting the crap out of people in a place where I feel no pain.

Only trouble is, Counter-Strike makes you put on weight while paintball makes you lose weight because of the physical activity.

Looks like a no pain, no gain situation. Right?


Enter Galactic Laser, the sci-fi futuristic version of the violent sport we all know as paintball. Tis the pain-less and casualty-free method of blasting the crap out of your friends.

So how does it work? Simple.



Get your ass to Mid Valley Megamall. It's the largest shopping mall in KL, so you'll have to be blind to not know where it is (if you're a KL-ian). Take the lift to the top floor where the cinema is and walk to the OPPOSITE end. If you don't pass by Pets Wonderland, you're going in the wrong direction. Look for Galactic Laser. It's in the corner on the right.


Sign in and get your pass. It costs RM18 for the registration and the mission price starts at RM18 as well (depending on when you go). One mission is one 10-minute game. There are some to choose from including Free-For-All, Capture the Flag and Team Matches. Upon registration you should get your identity card where you can write your alias in case your memory is as bad as mine.

And if you wanna save time, print the form above, fill it up and take it with you!


Take a step into the briefing room. It's a cozy place to lepak and wait for your game to begin. Take a tip or two and learn about how your stuff works inside. It's pretty cool. If you're playing in teams, prepare for the verbal war that will break out. Don't worry about a thing. It's all hot air.

Now the fun starts.


Suit up! Get the gear on and get a feel of your phaser. Your phaser is your laser gun. It works in wonderful ways.

Your vest is a sensor that can detect not only when you are shot, but who shoots you. Yeah. You will eventually know who pwned you while you were running all around. Even the gun is a sensor.

The more fun part of the gear is of course, the phaser. Why?

After 3 “kills”, you get rapid fire mode. What is this? Your pistol instantly turns into a machinegun. Yeah. You become John Rambo until someone else takes you down.

6 “kills” with the machinegun and you become invincible for ten seconds. Yeah. No one can take you down. You become Superman.

There's much more to it...




Level 1 - RecruitRapid FireRapid fire is achieved by zapping two people in a row. You remain on rapid fire until you are deactivated. It gets harder to activate rapid fire after that because the number of people you need to zap increases.
Level 2 - GunnerInvulnerabilityIf you zap 5 people in a row you become invulnerable! During this time no-one can deactivate you. You are invulnerable for 10 seconds.
Level 3 - TrooperPaybackPayback allows you to come straight back up again after you are deactivated. Simply keep your trigger pressed for two seconds when you get hit and you will reactivate!
Level 4 - CaptainMissilesMissiles give you many more points. Stay locked onto a player until you hear the 3rd high pitched tone and then let off a missile. You can only use missiles on Level 4's or higher.
Level 5 - StarlordResetReset allows you to a zap a player who is down even if you were the last person to zap them.
Level 6 - LasermasterNukeNukes deactivate every other Level 6 on the field no matter where they are. When you are up hold the trigger button down for two seconds to activate it. You must remain up for another three seconds until the Nuke detonate

So it's more than just a paintball match without the pain. So do consider taking the weekend off and blasting the crap out of some of your friends. Trust me. It's the most fun you can have with a gun while remaining painless!

And don't forget to shout the popular YouTube Shoop-Da-Whoop meme!


Plus, I can't forget the team that I spent half the time blasting with friendly fire. (Thank God you can't actually hurt your own teammates!!)

My gun senget somemore...

A big thanks to Advertlets and Galactic laser for the invitation to enjoy this awesome futuristic game.


Another lil' advertlet

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