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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Warm, Wet and Wild

“Let the time pass cause’ we’re never getting old.”
I Like It (feat. Pitbull) – Enrique Iglesias

At first we set course for Bangkok for Songkrang. It would be a hell of a road trip. 4 probation drivers taking on the North-South expressway across the border and into a country where we the signs don’t make sense to us.

Then we decided it was a bit crazy, and our parents were a no-no for driving all the way up to Bangkok with a ‘P’ license.

That’s when we pulled the destination down by about a hundred miles to the duty free shopping heaven of Langkawi. Just off the shore of Terengganu, the island was a paradise of its own. Some of its waters are turquoise blue and ready for some leisurely swimming instead of having to sift through the water whenever a piece of trash gets tangled in my trunks.

But then, it’s still an overnight drive. Long haul night driving was still beyond our scope of experience, and our parents were not letting us do it without a proper driver with a full license sitting in the car.

That was when we pulled the destination way, way further down to the little seaside of Port Dickson.

Only a couple hours drive away, that is the current status and destination, so you know who you are.

Anyway, I’m not blogging this to put up an announcement for my friends. I’m blogging because if you know me well, I have something for summertime fun.

Sun, sea, sand. I can’t wait.

But for someone like ME


Yeah. Get a load of my skin tone.

I virtually come back a different person everytime I go for a trip to the beach. The sun is intense as hell, and my skin doesn’t take it very well. Most of the sun block I use lasts only a while and was built for sport, not for the seaside.

So I STILL come back fried. Now you know why they called be an “African Black Chicken” back when I was in Form 3. Yeah. Life was different back then. Being a mix of ethnic minorities may be fun to some extent, but I don’t get the best of both worlds all the time.

That’s why I need to get something new. Something that was built for the beach.

antiagingspf30 antiagingspf50

Little did i know that this stuff has been around since 1985. I can’t wait to get a load of it. Looks like I’ll have to wait until our road trip to test the stuff out. At least then I’ll come home as Daniel Anthony.

Believe it or not, it’s ANTI AGING!!!

Thank God I’m not bound for Bangkok. I don’t want to be stopped at immigration just because I don’t look like the kid in my passport.

Since I was a kid, applying sunblock has always been a pain in the ass. The folks who came up with the Ocean Potion also managed to come to a solution to that.

antiaginginstantmist antiaginginstantmistspf70

Spray on sunblock!! This can have me up and going in less than a minute :)

I’ve been putting on all sorts of free-trial cosmetics to help to lighten up and lose some years (Ok, fine, I’m only 18, but still I wanna be younger!). I can’t let an episode on the beach ruin the process!

So if you’re part of the glorious ethnic minority who doesn’t want to come home sunburnt or labelled as an African Black Chicken (or other terms of equivalent meaning), or just anyone who needs some protection while you’re on the beach, then this stuff is exactly what you need. They have all sorts of interesting products including cosmetics that are something out of the ordinary compared to the usual sunblock.

Now go knock yourself out.


Another lil' advertlet

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