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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Let The Beat Drop -WELCOME BACK!-

“Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed, so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road.”
Firework - Katy Perry

Welcome back to Drive The Sensation! It's been a hell of a 3 month blogging hiatus for us, and we're proud to be back.

In case you have not noticed, we are now and no longer Why? Well, we sadly announce that has been snatched by an American registrar and therefore cannot be recovered unless you are a domain broker who would like to lend your services to poor lil' me for free...I'm not kidding. I could really use some justice right now.

Besides that, I feel that letting go of is kinda like letting go of many past memories. I cannot forget many of them. The best years of my life are there.

But still, has had its bad moments. They are burned to the back of my mind since the day they happened. From the “Witch” and “Mr. X” to the Mirror and the Mentor. And who could forget the Unicorn and the White Stallion? These are certain regrets that I have whether I like it or not. All but one have eventually found their way to ending well. The last one ended quite sour. I guess God had given me enough chances. That is why I'm moving on and starting again. This time, I'll be more careful with what I do and what I say for now I have seen that not all fights end well.

I do not want to spread hatred in the world. There's not enough love and too much hate in this world as it is already and we should start to turn things around if we haven't already started yet. It's not like I am totally proud of what I have done. Even the original intention of my posts are for self satisfaction and not for some super self-centred publicity stunt, unless I am reviewing something or doing a sponsored post.

Walking away from a problem is never going to solve it. Although it is better than running away, the very fact that your chosen path is to bypass the issue is what makes it harder to solve. Patience may be what we lack, but I try to tell myself that a lack of patience is no excuse. Trust me, its not easy being patient.

Though avoiding problems may be bad, what could end up worse is tolerating them.

I bet you're a little puzzled now aren't you? Well, are we not supposed to tolerate one another towards a better unity? The answer is sadly, no. Tolerance has it's limits. If you do not address what you are not comfortable with and continue to tolerate it, one day you are going to run out of patience. That is when all that you were not satisfied with is going to rush out of you. That is where the unity that was “almost there” will end.

Do you know why so many idiots out there say that 1Malaysia is bullshit and will never work? I do. It's because they think it is another government project to win political support and mileage. What is the solution? More racism, more tension, more hatred and eventually more tolerance.

Tolerance is like the amount of air a balloon can take. Some people are big and strong with a huge ego while some are small and weak with a timid heart. Imagine an Indian child who goes to school everyday and gets insulted by his Chinese friends because of his race while his Malay classmates just sit and watch the “show”. If the Indian bloke goes through this day after day, it will build up in him and one day, kaboom! He'll get his revenge in an explosive manner.

Now I am not saying that the Indian kid is at fault. He is partially at fault but I cannot blame him completely for his actions. His peers are real nutjobs who are judgemental and prejudice. They just cannot learn to open their mind and learn to appreciate diversity instead of turning it down when it is begging for your mercy at your door.

So where do we stand here? The answer is that we should stop tolerating each others' problems. It sounds really stupid, but there is some sense to it. If we voice out and try to avoid conflict instead of damming everything up inside of us, maybe one day we can see that true diversity is really within reach regardless of what the government says and does.

The key to diversity and unity lies not in tolerance. Tolerance is a dime a dozen. It is at half price all year long and it is only a substitute for the real thing.

So what is the cohesive agent that glues us all together? What is the real thing? What is the key to diversity?

The answer is


Acceptance is a different breed compared to tolerance. It is more than just smiling and taking everything for what they are worth. It is the next level of social advancement and development. It is the beginning of a free world. It is what we are missing.

What keeps us from becoming one are the problems that we have with each other. It's like a roadblock set up by the police in the dead of the night. You get caught speeding when you least expect it. Heck, you probably aren't even aware that you pushed the gas over the figures. In the same way we get caught being racist. And then there are times when people dig out the prejudice in your statements when you are just expressing yourself.

It is true that all generalisations are false, including this one.

So let us embark on this road to unity together and cherish all that we have upon us, material spiritual. Stop tolerating and start accepting. We have to enjoy what we have right now and learn from it so that we can have a better future. That is the basis of where I start again, and that is the line that stands behind my blog title. Pursuing Un1ty, Celebrating D1versity.

Presenting to you, the new DTS header and URL!

Welcome back!


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