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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Good Morning Vietnam -Part One- Oversea, Overland

"Three shots, four shots, five shots. Oh shit I think I'm gone."
Girls On The Dancefloor - Far East Movement

Welcome to another DTS travelogue! Currently, I'm in Ho Chi Minh city (some prefer to call it Saigon) waiting for the connecting flight that is gonna take me to Hanoi. My phone is dead out of battery (Sorry if I have not been replying your messages!!) and I really need a place to crash for the night. Flying really drains me out.

While both my flight have the same flight index, the surprising thing is that they connect to separate planes and require check out and check in again! Heck, I'm in a totally different terminal than the one I landed in! A bus picked us up from the arrival terminal and dumped us at a domestic departure terminal with a huge and pretty Christmas tree.

The airport here is pretty nice and all. The only thing that is missing is the duty free shopping (cause' this is a DOMESTIC flight). They sell jewelry at the gate.

My connecting flight to Hanoi leaves in half an hour and boarding is about to start anytime soon. You know what, they just called, so I'm off.

Ok, there's a massive queue, so I'll write a little more.

Hanoi is nearly a thousand kilometres by road from Saigon, so it looks like it'll be another long flight. I'm really beginning to dislike immigration. The fact that my passport photo looks like a hooligan (and I look like an idiot) makes the fellas at the counter skeptical about me.

The queue still stands at the same length. It looks like I'll be here for a while. It's the fifth time they're announcing my flight. I'd rather stand in front of the computer kiosk than strap myself down to the right-angled economy class airplane seat. It's so friggin uncomfortable. I can't believe how people with families would like to board first. I can't imagine what it would be like for the poor claustrophobics, and don't get me started on the size of the lavatory.

Oh, it's Vietnam Airlines that I'm on. It is a pretty nice airline. Their service is not all that fantastic, but it's better than MAS. Nothing tops AirAsia though :). I love the budget airline. Comfy, cheap and convenient.

As for the food, I had beef noodles for lunch on the plane. What was it like? Straight-cut pan mee with fried been and boiled cucumber. The beer on the side was okay, but the coffee was really nice. It was so good that they had to ration it around the plane until my dad didn't get any.

Ok. The queue has shortened to half its original length. Wish me a safe flight! Bye!


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