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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

There Must Be Something In The Water -Part Two- My Water Moments

“Sippin’ gin and juice, layin’ underneath the palm trees.”
California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Katy Perry

Personally, I love water. Pools, beaches, sun, sand, sea, bathtubs, Jacuzzis, sprinklers and all things Summertime make me all bubbly and ready for fun. Plus my exceptional love for balloons makes me go gaga over a nice long day of nothing but summer fun.

I recently bought a waterproof pouch for my phone that enabled me to Tweet my old schoolmates, SMS my sisters and Facebook with my classmates underwater. I was nearly waterproof.

NEARLY waterproof.

I have only one camera, my Canon 500D. It ISN’T waterproof, it ISN’T shockproof and it really ISN’T dustproof. After all, it’s a DSLR. Even if it could handle a little bit of water, shock and dust, I wouldn’t take the risk.

Plus, I’m one helluva klutz. I break virtually anything I touch (and anything that survives lives to be broken another day). Life becomes all so delicate and you feel like crying everytime you wreck something you love.

Therefore, if I wasn’t broke as I already am, this would be my next investment:


What is it? It’s a Sony Cybershot TX-5. And believe it or not, it dripping in water. Yes. Water. H2O.

AND that is a fully functional model of the camera. It was working before, during and after it’s scuba voyage into the swimming pool.

So why is it a worthwhile investment for me?

Let’s start with it’s features.

The 4X Optical zoom is pretty cool considering that the camera does not have an extending lens. To add to that, it’s slim profile and tiny footprint makes it a pleasure to carry around. What’s more? It has the capability to use BOTH Secure Digital AND MemoryStick Duo PRO cards. With 12 megapixels, it’s already my dream compact camera.

So one may ask. What else can Sony possibly ever do to make it better?

To make it probably the last surviving object at the scene of a Darwin Award.

In order to achieve that status, it has fulfilled five criterion, each taking it one step closer to indestructibility.



I said I love summer fun right? Finally I can take it for a dip into the pool with me and perhaps make the splashy Facebook albums a whole lot more “Splashy-er”! It even works underwater too! Can you imagine all the underwater hugs and kisses and poses you could never pull off in any medium other than water? It’s a feature that added a whole truckload of fun to the TX-5







What’s more fun than a summer on the beach?

A summer on the beach with loads of pictures!

I don’t camwhore. The pictures that people take of me on my Facebook albums are mainly either group shots or people having fun trying the camera out. But I’m anything but camera shy because I believe looks are not worth anything (that’s partially why I’m topless in my current profile picture). I’ve worn the same pink shirt for my past three profile pictures (the guitar and the arrow, the bunch of balloons and my current Twitter and Foursquare profile pic, the one of me hugging my big red heart).

So if I were to bring the TX-5 to the seaside. I needn’t worry about sand getting into the camera and screwing up the works. Instead, I can shoot with peace of mind and take prettier, cuter jump shots :).





Remember that I said I break nearly everything I touch? It looks like this is gonna be one helluva investment.

Finally I can walk down the middle of two bowling alleys without the fear of dropping the camera into the gutter and hearing the nasty “CRACK!” that might follow if the 13-pound urethane ball rolls over it.

And of course, I can put it on a tripod and leave it at the back of my car when I do those driving videos with my friends without risking my DSLR smashing against the front console if I suddenly brake.

You can even play games in the water if you’re really, really bored!

For instance, grab a bunch of TX-5s

And toss them over the rainbow!


Great. Now I really want one!


Moving on,



Ok, maybe we can’t make snow angels and snowmen in Malaysia, that won’t stop me from taking a TX-5 to some other crazy places.

I could do some other things like set it on timer and put it in the freezer so I can catch anyone sneaking a beer in the middle of the night.

What else? Use your imagination.



5. It’s got TOUCH FOCUS

If you use the over-rated invention known as the iPhone, you’ll love the fact that the TX-5 has the ability to selectively focus by touching the screen with your finger. So you can focus on the awesome underwater pose your pal is doing instead of the bubble at the corner of the picture. Cool no?



6. It’s PINK

This point is self explanatory.


With all that taken into consideration, the TX-5 works better than it looks. It’s the greatest CyberShot model ever invented.

Even after pushing my DSLR to the limit, the TX-5 still won in the water.

My Canon EOS 500D’s best shot:


And the TX-5 not even pushing the limits of it’s capability:


It’s clearly a great investment for crazy, fun-loving hyper bubbly summertime idiots like me.

And the Recommended Retail Price?

RM 1499.99

I rest my case.

40540_417677931234_15703941234_5100794_698265_nA big Thank You shoutout to Advertlets and Sony for having me over to experience using such a lovely contraption.


Another lil' advertlet

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