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Saturday, 14 August 2010

There Must Be Something In The Water -Part One- The Nick Soon Reaction

“I don’t wanna swallow such a bitter pill. I don’t even need it I’m not even ill”
It’s My Land (Parody of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life) – Daniel Anthony
Produced for Mabo: The Mod Musical

It’s been an arms race for many years where any school class that I was in would battle it our with others for which class could achieve the highest percentage of attendance for a non-school outing.

My classes in Form 4 and 5, 4 Gold and 5 Gold (a.k.a. Airbag Driving Academy) were the first of all to ever have reached 100% attendance for an outing, but after a while I realized that a 100% outing with a class of 7 people was basically just plain cheating.

Enter P1. The class with a heritage to live up to and minds that can make the world go round. On the 6th of August 2010, we set the record we believe that no other Taylors class has ever achieved.


for a


The attendance? 19 out of 20. The where? Tropicana Golf & Country Club. The time? 8.30 am.

We gathered specifically to celebrate the birthday of our only “international” classmate, who just turned 18 on that day. So before it is too late,




To start, sorry for the belated wish. I’ve been putting this off for too long. Legal Studies presentation, psychology individual investigation and common tests kinda added up don’t you think?

Now that you’re 18, welcome to the new level of life. It’s good you’ve had a head start(if you really know what I mean). Life has just begun. Enjoy it! Many firsts are yet to come!

Like in my case, I’ve never had the experience of creaming someone’s face before…


LOL. It was pretty damn fun. I’m yet to receive such treatment. Haha.

And a few of us had the first experience of giving another guy a bath……


I thank God he wasn’t the over-reactive violent aggressive type, or else all of us there would have been toast.

Before his “bath”, he sorta resulted to other methods of “cleaning his hands”. And what did he use?


Gilfred’s pants. I caption this picture as “Gilfred! Control yourself!” (get what I mean?)

And of course, the group shots.

The incomplete one (with Ping’s successful jump):


The complete one:


And the “Do-A-Nick-Soon” one (notice the puckered lips):


Sue, Panda and VK kinda spoiled the mood don’t you think?

Since I wasn’t a member of the Tropicana G&C Club, I needed to pay to swim (Thanks, Wei En for helping me to pay in advance). So when I have to pay for something, I make the most out of it. And the facilities there are pretty cool. So what the heck. There was hair gel at the counter, and since I had a truckload of hair that needed some work done on it, I took nearly half the pot and gelled up.


Pretty different huh? Do note the shirt I’m wearing. It’s on sale and you can buy it off the Chasm of Reality, Drive The Sensation’s official merchandise shop. Yes. It’s my own design :).

Remember I wrote that it was a FRIDAY? Yes. School day. Just that some lecturers were out of town, so we had only one class at 12 noon. we departed at 11, went to KFC and eventually arrived at 12:30. We were late to our only class (Sorry Mr. David!)

The girls in my class love to camwhore with my 500D. The only problem that arises here is when they take a whole load of pictures and wonder why they’re all blur like this:


Then they ask me if my camera is faulty. I just go to them, smile and click the Autofocus switch to it’s “ON” position. So girls, next time you wanna camwhore with my 500D, don’t forget that switch or it kinda goes to waste!

I like it when people camwhore with my DSLR. It gives me more photos to tag. my current speedtagging record was 45 minutes where I managed to resize, upload and completely tag 200 pictures in a Facebook album.

And mind you, the girls in my class are especially creative.


Get what I mean?


Another lil' advertlet

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