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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ave Maria

“I’ve got a light on the dark road you’re walking on, a signpost to find the dreams you thought was gone. Someone to help you move the obstacles you stumbled on, someone to help you rebuild after the rubble’s gone”
We Are The World – 25 For Haiti (iTunes Bonus Track)

This post is to commemorate the 100th would-be birthday of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, a saint in my heart and an inspiration for every good deed I do.


Is the name familiar or is it something totally alien to you? Well, it may be comfort to know that she is also known as Mother Teresa.

What started with a call from God on a train became a revolution that didn’t change the world by taking it by storm, but rather than changing the world of one sick and dying person, one at a time.

When my father was still a priest had the true honour to meet her when he was in India. It would have been an experience that I would have savoured to the last second. Every drop of God’s love in her became the seeds of her legacy, and the fruits she bore constituted a love like no other.

I’m sure we’ve heard so many stories about Mother Teresa’s life contributions from the erection of the Hospice to the food she saved for the poor from her government-granted flights across India.

It’s really no wonder why she was granted the Nobel Prize. She was a truly selfless person. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone (other than Jesus) who would so willingly give up their life and almost everything in it just to help the poor people who are sick and can’t afford medication.

It doesn’t stop there. Everyday, people in India die on the streets, and I’m not talking about street gangs bashing people up or rival clans killing each other in shoot outs. These poor people range from trashcan babies to lepers who just lie on the overcrowded dirty streets waiting for death to end their misery.

What did Mother Teresa do to help them? She brought them to the church and gave them a place to lie down and pass away at peace instead of dying in the midst of a noisy overcrowded Indian metropolis where they would just go unnoticed until their body starts to rot, which by then, would be already too late.

What Mother Teresa did that moved me most wasn’t so much a heroic act of moving an old woman’s half decayed body (not corpse, that woman is still alive!) to the home. It certainly moved me, but there was something else of much simpler proportions that moved me even more. It was more of what she said than what she did in this case, because in Mother Teresa’s case, she’ll walk the talk.

It was an afternoon when she came across a baby dumped in a trashcan. The baby, naked and cold was brought to her by her sisters. They told her that “Nobody out there wants her!”

Her reply was so divine, that it only took three words to convey the message.


Just three words, that’s all it took.


Mother Teresa, you certainly changed the world, and even though you may no longer be with us in person, your journey has gone well ahead of where you let go of your torch.

Happy 100th Birthday.


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