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Monday, 19 July 2010

Smiling Next To Oprah And The Queen

“If there’s a camera up in there then I’d best not catch this flick on YouTube.”
Touch My Body - Mariah Carey

I think it’s about time my blogging slogan be abandoned. The pressure is getting on and I’m due to break. Anytime now.

So what was that slogan? Some of you may know it as the excuse I use to steal rip pictures off your blog. Yeah. The excuse that I’m the blogger without a camera.

Now I’ve got my lil’ baby, and she’s an awesome thing. Because of that I’mma leave you with a little guessing game as to what I’ve bought.

The finalists before my purchase were the:


1. CANON EOS 1000D

10.1 megapixels sounded like heaven to me after all the years of 2 and 3.2 megapixel phone cameras, but then again, many compacts came with that or better resolution, so my mom wasn’t very taken up by this model. Although it’s the cheapest DSLR on the shelf, it’s not all that worth it.




Super compact and capable of a very quick point-and-shoot, this 12.5 megapixel baby was on my 2009 Christmas wishlist. Sporting the new Olympus Micro Four Thirds mount, it’s something new that looked really appealing. It’s telescopic lens was what made the hybrid DSLR-compact stand out and lean more towards the DSLR side as it had an interchangeable lens along with full HD video shooting. But then again, would I use it to it’s fullest?




One step higher than the 1000D, this critter has 15 megapixels, thus making it the best (and most expensive) of the finalists. Sporting the same look and the same lens as the 1000D, this camera takes a step further with the capability to shoot 1080p High definition video. This sounded more like what I would need, but then again, it’s the price that it all comes down to.



4. OLYMPUS E-520

The predecessor of the EP-1, this would somehow be Olympus’s equivalent to the 1000D. It in fact has 11 megapixels, making it slightly higher. The smaller body lives up to the Olympus trademark of compact and lightweight cameras. However, it has a nett price, meaning that bargaining power is useless on it.

So there are the 4 competitors. One of them is in my hands now and about to bring Drive The Sensation to the HD stage. What’s your guess?

Stick around. You’ll see!


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