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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop

“Baby, how’d you do that? Make a grown man cry?”
OMG - Usher feat.

Will you look at the time! Almost 2 weeks without an update! It sure feels good to be back.

All the blogworthy junk in my head has gotten so knotted up that I can’t even get the China stuff out. I may delay it even further or may not do it at all.

The stupid SAM Economics research paper ended today, thus concluding just over a week’s worth of research in vain. All I can do now is thank God that it’s over.

I’ve got a bloody Moral project to assemble by Friday, but I couldn’t care less at the moment.

In order to take the stress all out, I took to what some call window shopping, but I call online gaming. Many folks I know blow their cash buying loot for their in-game characters on their online games. I use case too, but I get a different kind of fun out of it. It’s the kind of fun a young girl gets when she sees a beautiful dress fit for a princess in the window of the uptown Marks & Spencer, walks right in and buys it with a swipe of Daddy’s Mastercard.

What I play ain’t really a game, neither is it a complete waste of time. What’s more? If you listen to my everyday rants you’ll hear that I can go on and on and on about the fact that I’m a non-gamer. And yes, it is a fact. I don’t game all the time, and when it seems that what I’m playing is for the people loaded with cash and have nothing to do with it, it’s not.

Can you guess it yet? Ok. Forget the statement that it’s a game. It’s something that you can have fun with on the internet……….


If you thought it was Foursquare, it’s a good guess, but it’s nowhere near the name of the game…

If Youtube was your pick, it wasn’t mine.

As for those of you who had the phrase “eBay” cross your mind, give yourselves a hand. Great minds think alike. Yes. I play on eBay, and I love it.

eBay is responsible for many things I’ve gotten in my life. The giant balloons from Greece, my USB phone battery charger, a broken computer mouse, my snuggie blanket and an inboxful of emails were all thanks to eBay.

If you’ve got a prepaid or a debit (or if you’re so lucky to have a credit) Visa or Mastercard, grab yourself a PayPal account and start bidding! I’ll see you in store!

Ok, enough eBay for one day. I need my sleep.

Night night!


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