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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Rock-A-Bye Baby

“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now.”
Airplanes - B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams

Is there a point in someone’s life where they are so down in the dumps that they can’t get out without a hand helping them? Is there a situation where the clouds you’re in is so fluffy that all you can do is pick up the shattered remains of the silver lining that once was there?

Sad to say, I think I’ve tripped over my own feet and landed myself in this shitstorm. The whole week has been a bloody mess.

The breakdown:


The aircond in my room was set to 27 Celcius. When my alarm sounded, I was bound to my blanket that could barely cover me. My snuggie was in Joel’s room, and I had to get up to switch off the stupid aircond. Believe it or not, I shiver when the temperature drops to a mere 28 Celcius.

Due to get out of bed, I left my room and hit the bathroom here I turned on the shower and kept cranking the thermostat up until it reached a temperature that I’ve never used in my life. I took the quickest morning bath of all time.

Being stupid, I threw some clothes on and ran down to the kitchen with my stuff. Bad move. I set one helluva precedent to live up to.


After my schoolbag fell apart on me. I flushed all the notes and handouts out and shifted over to a smaller bag. Another stupid move. I rid myself of all my unfinished worksheets and tutorials in the process. This began my slow and retarded week of endless scolding from lecturers…


After being relieved of my stupid moral project video, I got cracking on my Legal Studies task. Compiling all the stuff that I thought would be good at least received some praise from David, but he didn’t sound too amused or taken up by them. I really don’t know what’s going on.


So far, I hope all that can happened has happened. It’s no joke being called to the board to take 5 minutes to answer a question that I never learnt how to do. I miss the lesson because I was at home in bed in pain with bad food poisoning. It’s not fair getting humiliated in front of the class. Every time I know how to do something and hope to be called, I never get it and when this happens, I stand up there like an idiot, unable to answer a single question.


had better go well.


P.S. If you’re about to vent out on me and say that I’m being an irrational assole and all for bringing all this shit upon myself and complaining my ass of about it, hold your horse. I’ve been hiding my tears all week. Amrita told me that if I have to cry, wait till I’m alone and then cry till I can’t cry no more.

So this is where I cry. They say that an angel catches all your tears in a bottle up in heaven. I can feel her delicate wings flapping under my eyes with that bottle ready there to catch all the tears I should cry, but the worst part is, not a single one has come out.


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