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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Crank That Motorbike

“Regardless of the things in my past that I've done, most of really was for the hell of the fun. On the carousel so around I spun with no directions just trying to get some, trying to chase skirts living in the summer sun. This is how I lost more than I had ever won and honestly I ended up with none.”
Nothing On You - B.O.B feat. Bruno Mars

Two posts ago I left a little challenge on my blog. Let’s see if you’ve gotten it right.

1. It’s NOT manufactured by Olympus.

2. It can take video

Guess that leaves one option right? It’s the Canon EOS 500D. No prizes for guessing. Haha.

So what’s there to do with a brand new DSLR?

Take it for a blogging event!


This was my first blup blup outing (as I missed the first two) and it was quite fun. But as everything in life, it’s always a no pain, no gain story.

I got into my car at about 2.45 pm. Trying to be a superhero and get there by 3, I fired up Google maps and set course for the Motorsports Division showroom in Sunway.

Cruising down the Damansara-Puchong highway at 80 km/h thinking everything was fine, Google Android started showing me it’s backside…

In case you haven’t heard, I already have my HTC Tattoo. Just haven’t finished paying for it.

The phone hanged and restarted. Now stuck on a highway without an emergency lane, out of directions and a little less than lost I proceeded blindly towards Sunway.

Now Malaysian signboards are hopeless things. All they do is point you in the absolute direction of where you have to go and the rest is yours. They disappear upon entering the 1 kilometre radius of your destination, leaving you lost as hell.

It took about five circles around the Sunway Pyramid block before I decided to burn some credit and just use the GPS again. It got me there pretty fast, but not fast enough to consider early. I was pretty damn late.

First thing I saw when I walked in? Something I thought was an SUV.


This sucker was huge. If you get into the drivers’ seat you instantly become the king of the highway and the ultimate road bully.


It’s a BMW X6, and it’s HUGE.


Can kacau cops too…

Being parked pretty strategically, it made this car look like a compact.


See what I mean?


I have no idea what model it is, but it looks pretty damn nice.

And yes, there was a Cayman GT too. This was like one of those Need for Speed car lots. It even felt like one as the showroom was pretty surrounded by them chopshops and custom shops.

Now what MSD does is that they take cars and put on some really pretty stuff on it. Like what you are about to see, they make cars a whole lot prettier.


This is the sexy b****. Scissor doors and the works, they say it added more than RM10000 to the value of the Audi TT.


Power packed and jaw-dropping, this car was just a step away from knocking the Mitsubishi Evo X off my number 1 dream car spot.

Now I bet you’re asking why on earth some of my pictures watermarked off other people’s blog when I finally have gotten my own DSLR!?

Truth is, I walked into MSD and fished out the 500D, flipped the power switch and went…

OMG! Where on EARTH is my battery!!?!?

I’m pretty damn smart to leave it at home after my school concert in the morning. Scott and Elly fidgited with it till the battery was flat. You stupid folks already have your own DSLRs (which cost way more than mine!) Bring your own!

That’s why I tweeted

“What’s worse than someone who thinks he knows how to use a camera? A dude who think he knows how to use YOUR camera.”

A big thanks to Sam ( and Azrin ( for the pictures. (The pictures with rounded corners are from Azrin’s blog)

And how come there are some pictures without a watermark? Those were taken by yours truly who searched high and low before Suresh ( was kind enough to loan his D450 battery to me. Kudos to you bro!

So I wondered:

What if they took all the stock parts off the megacars…


…including the rims…

image …and the ornaments…


…and the decal…


…and placed them on a Proton or something. What would be the outcome?

A dirty liar.


But don’t blame me for being a dreamer!!! It’s in the blood!


Invitation courtesy of Blupblup Malaysia.

Another lil' advertlet

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