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Thursday, 27 May 2010

There Goes The Bass

“The start of a journey is every bit worth it.”
Til’ We Die - Slipknot

People wear masks to shield their identity. Some wear them to show diverge attention while some are just plain attention seekers.

If you’re into metal music, you’ll be very familiar with the band Slipknot. Yes, the masked death metal band that has won Grammys and has been rocking hard since their establishment. Their members each bear a number from #0 to #9.

If you play drums and are pretty serious about it, you will know who Joey Jordison is. He’s the #1 in Slipknot and was a founding member of the band. He founded the band years ago with his best friend. He played drums while his best friend played the bass.

Now a band can have a hundred of each instrument be it the drums, guitars and even vocalists. However, a band can only have one bassist, and as band members come and go from any band, usually the bassist stays on until something happens.

And yesterday, something happened that shattered Slipknot’s foundations…


The Late
or sometimes better known fully as

8th April 1972 - 25th May 2010

The All Star rock band has sadly lost their sole bassist, and their journey now stands at a very critical crossroad/ May God be with them throughout every decision they make, even though they don’t believe in Him as far as I can tell.

Ok. I need to save some sleep for Kenyir.


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