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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lento Grave

“So darn persistent, the day isn’t distant when it’ll drive me insane!”
Fascinating Rhythm - George Gershwin

Streamyx Sucks

This post is for all you bastards who work in Telekom Malaysia. All you morons and assoles who have made my week a memorable one, in the worst possible way.

To begin this tardy week, our English lecturer returned our drafts and expects us to get cracking in order to complete it by Thursday. I lost 2 nights of sleep there. It’s a good thing that I didn’t require much internet access, or else I’d be toast, and I’ll be toasting the nearest TM building shortly after I lose it.

4 days of slogging it out over one goddamn assignment is serious shit. The sleepless nights were really draggy and long.because I had no time for entertainment and the works, my email inbox started piling up. It’s been a while singe I’ve seen 3 digits of unread email in my box, and I don’t like it.

I don’t mind the Mothers’ Day promotions, but I get crap asking me if I I wanna buy Viagra or iPhones or even a forklift. COME ON. I’m 17 and healthy. I don’t need Viagra, I can’t afford to use an iPhone to it’s fullest and I DON’T WANT A FRIGGIN FORKLIFT!

So screw that. I’m now having 3 windows open in my computer. Email, eBay and my MayBank account. What’s going on? Everything is slow shit. I nearly had a failed transaction on maybank2u, lost 2 of my eBay messages, and got signed out of Gmail. Facebook and twitter also shoved the login screen in my face everytime I click on something.

This can cause me to lose a shitload of cash. This service has really, really gotta go. Now, I’m frickin tired and gonna doze off. NIGHTS.


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