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Monday, 24 May 2010

Cleaning Out My Closet

“I believe in looking like my time on earth is cookin’”
My Strongest Suit - Elton John & Tim Rice

Parents and children can never see eye-to-eye on quite a number of things, but nothing beats the magnum opus of what sets us apart from each other. The one “problem” the extroverted, creative and expressive teenagers have. The bloody mess in their room.

From looking at this blog and the condition of my hair in my Facebook pictures, I believe you can picture my table. It’s the size of a cupboard door (because it is one) and it’s cracking under the weight of my junk. Tons of paper and stuff are strewn all over.

It’s a silly scene here where the country is trying to go paperless and we still are stuck with the conservative pencil-and-paper methods. It’s ok if we use it once in a while, but we still see tons and tons of paper stacked and piled all over the place. Restaurants and offices churn out bundles of waste paper by the day. Take a look at Forum19 in Taman Sea. Their drinks ordering system is paperless and so effective, the only paper you get there is tissue paper.

Coming back to the idea of my room, I only print hard-copy notes when it’s necessary, or when I’m entering a conservative dump where computers are not allowed. Most of the paper on my table are from the mail, advertisements, magazines and catalogues. Only a fraction of it comes from what I print.

But now, she’s thrown in a good RM200 spending money for the China vacation if it’s clean. So I now have something to work towards to.

Before I end this post, another angel just turned 18, but her heart stays young and cheerful as ever.

And here she is now!



Sorry for being a day late dear. I hope you have an awesome time being all grown up. The world may be a mean bitch but with a heart like yours you’ll make it through. Just stay young and adorable inside and out! Keep that sweet smile on your face too!


AND NOW, to clean the room. Vamos.

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