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Friday, 2 April 2010

When The Music Fades

“Darling I promise you this: I'll send you all my love everyday in a letter.”
Sealed With A Kiss - Brian Hyland

It was a Wednesday night just as I was preparing to go to sleep when a tweet popped up in my feed. It was from JJ Fernandes of with an emergency message.


I live in SS2 and have O+ blood, the only trouble was transport. I couldn’t get to Selayang and back to make it to college the next day, and the second is that I’ve never donated blood before.

So all I could do was pray, and so I did.

Things started to turn over. the folks who generously donated blood that night saved Din’s life. So things went pretty well, until early this morning.


I don’t listen to Era FM much, but anyone in the media industry whould be recognized for their contribution. I bet he does a wonderful job every morning when he steps into the studio for the morning show.

Sometimes, the date matters. Today is Good Friday. The day Jesus died on the cross almost 2000 years ago.

It’s the time for me to especially thank Jesus for dying on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins. Until today, how Jesus dies still remains a mystery, but no matter how He died, He did it to forgive. He had each and every one of us on his mind.

And today, a very faithful Catholic celebrates her 18th birthday too.
It must be an honour to have your birthday on Good Friday. I know I wished you at midnight, but because I love you so much,

16563_201776464890_536224890_3098337_5948079_n[1] HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANETTE!!


My dear Guardian Angel, have a fantastic 18th year ahead of you! Keep on smiling and never give up on anything! I’ll be there for you always just as you’re always there for me.

I love you Anette. Know that. :)

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