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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Off The Air

“I sometimes wait and see the sun. It makes me smile. Can you see it?”
Can You Hear Me – Bob Chilcott

Before I begin this post, a friend of mine has finally reached the age of majority.



The class joker of P1 is finally 18 and can purchase cigarettes without worrying about them IC checks! Use that lighter I gave you well! keep up the “entertainment” and put those smiles on our faces when college life gets hard!

Ok. That’s done.

Remember that day when I ranted about the iPhone development and it’s costs?

One of my choir mates had told me about this kid in Singapore who could write iPhone apps at the age of 10. It sounded like an amazing feat to me and I was amazed…until I found out what was behind it.

I’ve been aspiring to code for a long time. I skin alot of my applications and even my operating systems. Now when I just wanted to get started on iPhone coding, there’s a big 99 U$D bill in my way. That’s to buy a developer account.

Now how did this kid get his hands on one of those? Answer: Parents.

That’s still pretty cheap for an investment. But remember that using xCode + iPhone SDK without an iPhone triples the difficulty of writing the application. Therefore, that kid had to have an iPhone of his own.

At that point of time, which was 2 years ago, the iPhone would cost about 700 U$D. now we have a bill of 799 U$D.

Ok. The price is still quite stable and tolerable. Now, what to write the app with.

A 10 year old is definitely not capable of making a Hackintosh, and there won’t be any publicity if he used one to do so. Now we can add an iMac to the list at 1500 U$D.

So now in total we have a bill of 1299 U$D. This kid had it all. He’s got the talent, but he also had the tools.

Given all that stuff, I think thousands of other kids would already have beaten him.

So now, I need some help. If you’re reading this AND have an iPhone Developer account, please call me at +60172914344 or sms me and I’ll call. I need one thing…the distribution certificate.

Tiny Sensation for the iPhone is on a waiting list for release and is awaiting a distribution cert from Apple. What’s the Tiny Sensation? It’s the official iPhone application for Drive The Sensation. Yup. This blog has an app of it’s own. Problem? It’s not out there.

Even I cannot test it as I do not own an iPhone, iPad, iMac nor an iPod Touch. Basically. I need that one distribution cert. I hope someone let me have one for charity sake, or as a love offering. I’m desperate to get this blog in the iPhone App Store.

If you know anyone who does coding, please let me know and if possible, get me their contact. I really need this cert.


A friend of mine just asked a huge favour. Now this won’t take long. Read the chat and do what you would do. Believe in it. Miracles do happen.


can i ask you a HUGE favor??


what be?


its a prayer thing


my best friend's dad had a heart attack on wed night

he's been in a coma ever since

just abt half an hour ago

he told me

his dad's lungs are infected

and it spread to his kidneys

oh dear...


i'll pray for him

the docs have told the family to get ready

but i believe that if all of us can rally a huge prayer thing

there will be a miracle

I'm sure there will be.

I'm blogging now

i'll put it up

His name is Alvin Tan

He is only about 40 years old

He has 5 children who NEED HIM.

I believe in miracles. You know what to do.

PRAY. That miracle’s gonna happen. Trust in Jesus.


Another lil' advertlet

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