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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Nine To Five

“Your time has searched the world around, cause’ you know when I’ll be back.”
When I Come Around - Green Day

I’ve been working non-stop from 8am this morning up to now. Sounds too hard to be true? It is. I’m blogging now.


So I woke up this morning. YouTube upload failed, everything was out of place. My bed was in a mess. I even had to hit the toilet and purge at about 5:15am.

Joseph, Pei Szan and I were in the Lakeside yesterday trying to finish our stupid Malaysian Studies project. We stayed till 7 and it was almost a catastrophe.

Thanks to the elegant and sophisticated design of the Apple iMac, we wasted half an hour running up and down for a pendrive when there was a card reader on the Mac. Modern technology is a boon when their parts aren’t labelled. That probably explains why I never owned anything manufactured by Apple. They’re all over priced and somewhat ridiculous. They are either used as design workstations or fashion statements.

It is very true that many people buy the iPhone and never use it to even 30% of it’s true full power. iPhone development is also quite a silly investment. It takes 99 U$D to get a developer account.

Ok. Now I am home and damn pissed off. Before i begin my venting, I gotta say that the Gideons did a great job passing out bibles opposite campus this morning. I always wanted a Gideon bible. It had the few very useful pages.

Now I have tolerated a particular person for a friggin long time…and now it’s come to the end of my patience. I can have a very long patience if I want to have one, but once it snaps, it’s impossible to turn things back unless I vent.

Let’s say you’re sent to a remote area against your will after having a rough morning. you get there, set up workstation, fire up your lappy and get cracking. Just for a moment someone calls you over for some collaboration. When you return after that few seconds you were occupied, someone’s sitting at your recently powered up workplace using your stuff.

Better yet, he fails to notice your return, and when he does he just points at the computer and says “Borrow ah?”. Without hesitating for an answer, continues on with his crap.

I left my laptop on in my class, locked to the table and used the toilet for a while. I came back and found some psychology materials half opened from God knows where on it. No prizes for guessing what happened and no, for once I did my psychology homework and passed it up on time.

Ok, so that’s not so bad right? I don’t mind as long as no crap happens to my computer. Just ask for permission. it’s not like I’m miles away and unreachable.

So you lose YOUR laptop and get all moody over people putting angry messages on Facebook. As I said last year:

“A letter addressed to a "Mr. X" isn't for anyone, but no one should take it as theirs.”

Don’t be a stupid attention-seeking bimbo. you want attention, seek it THE RIGHT WAY. None of those messages were directed to you anyway. Just that some people don’t like you. No one can make everyone like them. Live with that.

And do you honestly think by looking at my penis you’re gonna judge me? You’re bloody perverted trying to peep at me in the urinal in the toilet. Don’t think I don’t know. Don’t get humiliated if people call you gay or homosexual. That kind of behaviour just deserves it. You’ve gotten the finger from me before. You should know.

YOU blew apart the unity of our class. We stood as one for so long, and you hung on to me when you started to drift away. I tolerated you only because I had course marks that depended on teamwork. You called my BFF boring and dumped her. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU BLOODY WHORE!? If it’s one thing I can’t tolerate, it’s people who treat my best friends like shit. I love my friends. I have been friends with both sides of a war and could still live up to it but today, I think I just fell unto the more welcoming side of the fence.

Still I tried to tolerate you for the hope that we could still establish unity as a class. You wanted help and I gave it to you. I‘ll be damn glad when this psychology project is over. I don’t want to work with you in a team ever again. I give you opportunity and simple parts. We take most of the shit and the work for your lazy ass and what we get in return is shitty simple work and that’s about it. Preparing PowerPoint slides 1 hour before a presentation we had 2 weeks to do is not the kind of work I expect when you work for me. You’re damn lucky I don’t make my group members turn on the edge of a knife. If I did, you’ll be toast.

I was still tolerating you until you brought religion into it. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What I do with the Bible in my hands is MY OWN BUSINESS. I’ve gambled with a Bible on the table, dropped the Bible into a puddle of water, had a Bible stolen from me, sat on Bibles, dropped Bibles, read Bibles in the toilet, slammed Bibles shut and even cursed while holding a Bible. And besides, my middle finger is attached to my hand. it’s my business what I do with it. Don’t crack lewd explicit jokes that are distasteful. If jokes are sexual, I only take tasteful ones and not stupid obscene ones.

So what if I point the middle finger at you? Are you hurt or something? I was reading the bible when you cracked that perverted joke. You had to crack the same shit 3 times and talk cock on top of that. In case you don’t know, that kind of behaviour triggers my finger. So what if it’s over the bible!?

The camel’s back is now a fraction of a picogramme from breaking…

Still wanna add to it? You grab my hand and ask the girl next to you to see me pointing the finger. It’s none of her business. You’re an assole. You ruined whatever reputation I ever had. THAT’S WHAT I CANNOT TAKE. DO NOT SCREW WITH MY REPUTATION.

Don’t you ever ask me for anything ever. I don’t want to be in your group. And NO WAY you’re entering the maths competition with me. I'd rather die and go to hell than work with you again.

Kenn told me if I say “no offence intended” after a post, it’s like slapping someone and saying you didn’t mean it. So take this as a slap on your stupid face. I doubt you read my blog anyway. You’re more taken up with your lousy blog anyway.

I want to keep whatever innocence I got. I don’t need an asswipe like you to take it away.


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