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Thursday, 1 April 2010

In My Chevette -Part Two- Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

“All these dreams and all these plans I built them all with these two hands”
Mountain - Good Charlotte

It’s 11 am here in Metro Driving Academy, Kampung Melayu Subang. The sun is shining brightly over our heads and warming up them cars


I’m number 48 in line for my on-the-road test. I finished my track test and passed. Thank God for that. Yayy!!


The next task is to be able to drive past a school twice, stop and start at two traffic lights and successfully make a U-turn. I pretty much got the easier of the 3 roads.

01042010 And so I just learnt that the first and second roads are unusable as they share a common junction which is currently under maintenance and is blocked. That’s why all of us got road 3.

It looks like my turn’s gonna be real soon and I hope it goes well. Pray for me folks. I’m gonna need it. If not for me, pray that the examiner I get isn’t an impatient bastard (like the one I got for my trial who almost asked me to shoot the speed limit).

In the process of digging up some old emails for reference purposes last night, I came across this little email that brought back sweet memories…


I’m missing you folks already. I might just go to college if I finish early today.

Ok, I think I’m next.



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